Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A Year on, and Me and Moll

I've just realised that it's a year (on Friday) since I had my hysterectomy. I'm very glad I didn't know recovery would be such a slow, ongoing process. There have been numerous pitfalls, I still have a socking great keloid scar down my stomach, and it still hurts at times. But overall I'm fit and back to normal. Ish. And for that I'm very grateful. It's knocked my confidence for doing physical things but I suppose in a way that's right. I hope this year I can regain that and start enjoying really sailing again, after a nasty scare last year.

But on to the main purpose of this post. You know they say that owners and their dogs are often alike? Well, it struck me the other day that this isn't just a cliche in our case.

Moll and I both have soft, thick hair that grows quickly. (But she has dark roots and I don't.)

We both love the outdoors: adventuring, chasing sticks, long walks, swimming.

We are never happier than surrounded by a loved one (or as many as possible in Moll's case), while doing the above.

However, we are both very cuddly and also love snuggling on the sofa - in my case with a glass of wine watching a film. IN her case, she waits till I've got up,then quick as a flash takes my place, nudging Mr B to give her a tummy rub.

Moll is a real fierce individual, strong and fearless, impatient, extremely loving and with a great sense of humour. I share some of those characteristics (the good ones of course)....

Is it any wonder that she has such a fan club?

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Blog Award

Thank you to www.renageorge.com for nominating me for this lovely award - much appreciated. Rena always has thought provoking posts on writing, Cornwall, Poldark - so read on! Her blog is always well worth a read.

Here are the rules for accepting this particular award:
Thank the person who nominated you, and link to their blog.
Display the award logo. Unfortunately the logo wouldn't copy on to my blog so you'll have to go over to Rena's blog if you wish to take part!
Nominate other blogs and provide a link where they may be found (I’m not giving a number here as it will differ between people).
Go to their blog, leave a comment to let them know they have been nominated, and where to find the information they need to accept.
Then – Mention three things that inspired you the most during the past few weeks.

I would like to nominate:- Chris Stovell over at http://homethoughtsweekly.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/ready-steady-go.html, Addy over at http://alcoholicdaze.blogspot.co.uk and Sally, at https://mybeautfulthings.wordpress.com.

Now I have to mention three things that inspired me during the past few weeks:-

First of all, as I mentioned,our week in Dorset was such a good break. We both really relaxed and explored, and can't wait to go back in September. We did a wonderful walk to collect the van one day, along the Dorset ridge, up to an old fort and by the time we got there, we stood on top of one of the highest hills in Dorset and looked at the stars burning through a dark velvet sky. Fabulous.

Like Rena, I find the spring flowers just wonderful. I have yellow and pale purple crocuses peeping through the ground in my tubs outside, along with the shy daffodil buds - even the honeysuckle has buds on it as it rambles up the wall. It really delights me to see signs of spring, albeit a bit early.

My darling Moll. She continues to be a source of great joy and inspiration and I don’t know what I would do without her.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Thanks to Rena George for her =nomination of a blog award - I had it all written out and somehow lost it and it's now late and I'm tired and I can't face going through all that again, so will save it for next week!

Suffice it to say that we had a lovely time. Admittedly, driving towards Tamarisk Farm in Dorset on the Friday in Arctic gale force winds, Mr B was muttering about the inadvisability of holidaying in February. But boy was he proved wrong! We actually sunbathed on two days, had some wonderful explorations of hill forts, the beach at Lyme and Symondsbury Estate, among others, plus a lovely pub, The Crown, at Puncknowle.

If anyone's in need of a Dorset holiday, I can't recommend Tamarisk Farm too highly. It's quiet but near the coast and easy to get to Bridport, Dorchester and other towns, but if you have dogs you can explore on foot without using the car from the house. We just loved it and I can't wait to go back.

We had such a relaxing time that it's taken us both ages to try and get our heads back from Dorset and into work mode again. But we're getting there slowly. I hope.

So here's to holidays - in February, or whenever. Roll on the next one.....

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Dorset here we come

On Friday we’re off to Dorset for a week. The Canaries, or Jamaica or somewhere hot would be nice but a) that's out of budget and b) Moll couldn't come, so those are out.
The last time we went there, we had a wonderful time, though it was in a September heatwave, so I just hope we won’t be too cold - I remember a (gas) multifuel stove so that should keep us toasty.

Mr B is hoping for snow. I wouldn’t mind, either, as long as we’ve got enough food and drink to keep us going. Moll can’t quite get her head round snow. The first time she saw it, she jumped into it then squeaked as she realised it was a) cold and b) wet, so we will see what happens.

But there’s a high coming over us from Ireland, and while it’s going to be cold, it will at least be dry I hope. Today the sky is a deep blue and last night there were incredible towering cliff clouds over St Michael’s Mount which was a sight I won’t forget in a hurry.

I also met the most incredibly talented man at Newlyn Copper Works (google him) who started off life as a dancer in Western Australia. One of those people who just inspires you with their passion and creativity. Great fellow to know.

On that note I must wrap up and take Moll out. I’ve just had my hair cut and am missing the extra warmth already…

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Well I haven’t managed to make a killing on eBay. Yet. In fact, I haven’t managed to sell anything. But there’s hope yet… My friend Sally Anne, who is an Expert, says it’s a very bad time of year to sell…

Meanwhile there’s been bad news on the work front - as of March I have lost my monthly column. Due to budget cutbacks, apparently but you never know. Still, at least I still have my monthly sailing slot, and have another new editor to work for which is exciting.

And a sad goodbye to Jane Collins, who runs the Star and Garter pub in Falmouth at the top of the High Street - the Teapot pub, as many know it. She has had this pub for the last 28 years, and during this time has accumulated 415 teapots of varying wonderful designs, as well as some incredible paintings of local staff and customers.

Jane sold the pub recently and we enjoyed several leaving parties. There were 3 official ones, then a Dregs Party on Friday where the first drink was free and thereafter £1 a drink. Then on Monday my friend Deb and I were invited to finish yet more dregs of wine.

“I don’t know what she put in the wine,” said Mr B later, as I giggled constantly about nothing, “but I could do with some of that.”

Sadly the pub is now officially shut, and dear Jane will be leaving this weekend. She will be sorely missed, not just as a landlady but as someone who was a kind friend to many, with a very big heart.

The new owners are shutting for 6 months - and then who knows what guise this pub will have? Whatever, Jane has made sure that the Star and Garter has earned a place in Falmouth’s history.

So here’s raising a glass to Jane - and whatever she does next.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Going, going, gone....

This was taken on the St Mawes ferry coming back last summer from a rather disastrous day out with Mr B and a sore knee, and a disgruntled Moll... but the weather was great.

Great excitement here - Flog It is coming to the Maritime Museum tomorrow so we will be legging it down there with a few of Mr B’s collection - you never know, we may get lucky.

On that note, I volunteered to sell a few things on eBay to try and make some money. I’m not very technical, and while I love the internet as a tool, I’m not one of those people who will happily spend hours surfing, so I’ve found it quite nerve racking.

Several kind people offered to help but I really need someone who can sit with me and look over my shoulder while I do it. Anyway I posted a few items. The first - an old printer - didn’t sell. But I realised I didn’t have the cables so that’s probably just as well.

Next, Mr B gave me a few old books he’d got at a car boot to practise with. I did my research but found that most people selling similar copies of these books offered free postage. This seemed crazy to me but I figured that if they were, I should. To cut a long story short, I sold one book at a loss. Good eh?

I was so disappointed as I knew it was my fault, and I’d wanted to surprise Mr B with my selling acumen (or something).

When he rang, he said, “I don’t know that you’re cut out for this,” which is what I thought. But then I thought - no, I won’t be beaten It’s only a learning process, and you learn by your mistakes (in my case, a lot).

So Sally is going to come and sit with me when I put the next items up for sale - and then we’ll see…. Watch out as Flowerpot takes ebay by storm.

Well, perhaps not by storm, but I can at least recoup my losses…..