Sunday, 22 June 2008

Balls and Mothers

Mollie is delighted because, doing our usual morning walk around the castle this morning, we found a carrier bag full of old balls. The grass has been strimmed around the moat and evidently loads of elderly rubber and tennis balls have been found. Bingo! So we nabbed a few to put in the car for future use. To any non-dog owner, this might sounds strange, desperate even. Dog owners will know how many balls are apt to to missing.

Our break was much needed as we were both run down. We collapsed, read a lot, walked Moll a bit and slept (with a bit of chemical intervention on my part still as normal services have not been entirely resumed just yet).

We got back and both went down with flu and colds. You know, those streaming ones that make you feel utterly dire, shivery and achey. Really what a couple! So for the next week I am trying to persuade Himself Not to go up the scaffolding and help Mike (some hope) and not to overdo things myself.

Wise words eh? We'll see if it works.

While we were away I had some wonderful, close talks with my mum. We either get on very well or not at all, but this time, we were very close. Like sisters. The best it could be.

I am so grateful to have this relationship which means so much to me, that I started wondering, with a sense of black terror, how on earth I will manage when she goes. Not something I care to contemplate. Then I read a piece about Imelda Staunton who lost her mother several years ago and it had a huge effect on her. She said it felt like a huge hole appeared on her left side - apparently our left side is our mother - which she thought would never be filled.

"Now I think what you have to do is fill it with yourself because your mother is part of you," she said. "I'm easing into that space, using it and being comforted by it."

I shall endeavour to remember that.

PS Normal service will be resumed shortly


Akelamalu said...

You can never have too many balls I say! ;)

That's a lovely picture of Moll she looks so cute.

Sorry to hear you two haven't been well, I hope you do manage to take it easy until you're fully recovered. :)

Lane said...

What a picture! She must be very pleased with her new hoard!

Sorry you've both got the flu. Get well soon fp:-)

Flowerpot said...

aK = there's a PS to my post!

lane- thanks for that, I hope you feel better soon.

JJ said...

Sorry you're feeling poorly. Hope you're both on the mend soon.

Lindsay said...

Sorry about flu - seems a lot of it about which is strange for the middle of our so-called summer! Rescue Dog eats tennis balls - we have to use expensive Kongs - we try not to lose them!

Anonymous said...

You won't ever lose that bond with your mother.

Bad colds. Not nice. Not surprising with this very odd weather either!

And as for balls! I've been banned using them. For Sparky I mean, naughty!! We're trying to train her into a working sheep dog but all she's interested in at the moment is playing with a ball.

CJ xx

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Flowerpot said...

jj - thanks, so do I!

Lindsay - I think most dogs eat tennis balls don't they? Mollie certainly does!

Crystal - I can see how balls would e a terrible distraction if you're trying to train sparky.

rgblog - thanks for the info.

Rebecca Taunton said...

That is a lovely picture of Molls!
So sorry to hear you've been unwell. I hope you're both feeling better now. If there's anything we can do, let us know.


Flowerpot said...

RT - thanks for that. We're fine but I will come over with those DVDs!

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Next to losing my kids that's my biggest fear, flowerpot. I don't even want to think about it.

Flowerpot said...

rc - NO it's not a comfortable thought is it? Frankly terrifies me.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Yes, I understand about the balls completely. And about your mother. I feel the same about mine. What will life be like without her even though I don't see her very often? There will be a gaping hole in my life that nothing else will ever fill.

Flowerpot said...

wakeup - I suppose we have to fill it with something else. I know you dont see much of your mother, but I see a lot of mine. She's a really good friend as well as my mum.

Ellee Seymour said...

How lovely to have a mum you can speak to - and one who listens! Lucky you, and lucky Moll too with her new toys.

wordtryst said...

My mom and I quarrel all the time, but the idea of not having her around is too frightful to even contemplate!

Uh, your blog post had me wondering for a moment there...

Lovely doggie!

Maggie May said...

Are you still having trouble sleeping? I recently had some sleepless nights when trying to overcome my recent traumas and bought some Night Kalms. Found three of these at night gave me a good nights sleep.

I still miss my mum. How she used to be when she was my age.She was my best friend. Now I feel that my daughter is, though we are miles away.

I bet someone must have missed that bag of balls, though Moll will think it is Christmas!

Flowerpot said...

ellee - yes I am lucky. Thuogh we don't always see eye to eye!

wordtryst - it is a horrible thing to contemplate isnt it, but I guess we all have to deal with it at some stage. Unfortunately. I think I have the theme for my next novel. Oh God.

Maggie - funnily enough I'm shortly to write a post about not sleeping. Thanks for your tips though.

lady thinker said...

Absolutely beaut photo ... here's a kiss for Moll - MmmWwah X