Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Wedding Party

Just to let you all know about the launch of another journalists's book - sounds a good read!

THE WEDDING PARTY by SOPHIE KING. Published by Hodder and Stoughton, £7.99.

THE WEDDING PARTY is seen through the eyes of all four characters in the countdown to the wedding (nine months; eight months; seven…) The only question is, will it actually take place? And who will end up marrying who?

Drawing on experience
The author prides herself on the authenticity of her novels, underpinning them with knowledge and experience. Some months after writing THE WEDDING PARTY, she got married again – to the best man from her first wedding that took place nearly 30 years earlier. He is also godfather to her three children. Her new husband, who has never been married or had children, lives in Newcastle during the week so they are living apart together.

THE WEDDING PARTY is Sophie King’s fifth novel. Her previous books are The School Run, Mums@Home, Second Time Lucky and The Supper Club.

Sophie King is the pen name of journalist, Jane Bidder. In addition to writing novels full time she also teaches creative writing at Oxford University and is Writer in Residence at a high security male prison.

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ADDY said...

Sounds very similar to another book I read recently but the name escapes me!!

Flowerpot said...

That's interesting. I wonder if she knows?

Chris Stovell said...

It's all weddings at the moment, I've just read Katie Fforde's 'Wedding Season' which was rather lovely.

Flowerpot said...

I haven't read that one Chris as I didnt enjoy the last one but glad you did!

Reasons said...

OK will go and check it out.

Beth said...

Sounds fascinating. I'm completely confused by the relationship potted history though :)