Thursday, 21 May 2009

Do you believe in Guardian Angels?

A few weeks ago our cooker died so we tracked down a second hand one and went down to St Ives one sunny Saturday to collect it. St Ives, in season, is one of my least favourite places, but in early May it was bearable and we even managed to park, having got the cooker, and had a couple of hours strolling round in the sunshine.

Despite the crowds of early grockles (tourists), the sun made it all bearable and there were plenty of glimpses of what a special, fairytale like places St Ives was, and why so many people flocked there to paint.

Back home we then had the problem of trying to heave the old cooker out onto the pavement (which is five foot above road level), given that I'm not superwoman and Himself isn't getting any younger. We managed it, with a lot of heaving, sweating and swearing, and left it on the pavement outside the flat. Next we got the sack truck and lugged the new cooker up as far as the bit of pavement opposite the house which is on a steep slope.

As we stood there, I suggested ringing a friend. “Rob would help,” I said cheerfully. Himself refused – of course (male pride?) and we braced ourselves for the next heave when a young fellow – in his mid 20s at a guess – came along the road, wearing jeans, a hoodie and with a sharp face like a ferret.

“Wanna hand?” he said.

“Thanks – that would be great,” I said, before Himself could refuse.

So our new mate stubbed out his rollup and picked up the cooker. Given his skinny frame I was surprised he could lift anything more than a packet of fags, but up came the cooker and the next thing we knew he and it were inside the house.

We stood and gaped in astonishment, but he shrugged. “Wanna hand with the other one?” he said.

Himself declined and I decided not to push it this time, but beamed happily as matey shuffled off. “Wasn't that good timing?” I said, thinking no way would Himself have accepted help if I hadn't pushed it.

He grunted, and I wondered if we should have offered tea, or a beer? I looked down the road - given that it's a long street, I reckoned he'd be half way along. I could call after him, offer him a coffee or something.

But there was no sign of him. I ran down the path, surely he must be at the end of the road?

But he'd gone..... just – vanished.

While I like the idea of guardian angels, I find them difficult to fit into everyday life. But now and then you get something that makes you think.....


Debs said...

I totally agree. I love the idea of having a guardian angel, and am sure we do have them (at times anyway).

How wonderful yours pitched up just at the right moment.

Flowerpot said...

I once met a man who was the sort of person that a guardian angel should be - or rather, shouldn't. And guess what? He was called Gabriel!!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Oh if only eh?.... He was a guardian angel even if he wasn't celestial!

Men and pride! My husband is exactly the same and it annoys me stupid. Now if he expects me to move heavy stuff with him, I tell him we need help but if he refuses I leave him to do it on his own as I am fed up having stiff necks and sagonising 'frozen shoulders'! He soon gets one of our male friends to help out!

ChrisH said...

Brilliant - a hoodied guardian angel! My dear friend, Jill, from my school days has a guardian angel who has taken good care of her... I think mine's playing hard to get! (That is one cute photo, too!)

Akelamalu said...

Ooooer he disappeared???? :0

I do believe in guardian angels and I think the hooded one was yours just when you needed one! :)

Tam said...

I don't believe in guardian angels but I do believe in the kindness of human nature :-)

Grump said...

Your cooker story reminded me of an Aga we bought in Wales. Most people transport Agas in bits and then reassemble. Well we were young and silly and got it loaded onto our van and hauled it home. Our house was on a slope and we had to go up 5 steps and then through the house to the kitchen at the back. By the time we got home it was getting dark and it had started to rain. Wales, it was always raining. So my mate and I tried to roll the thing on short scaffold tubes on a plank up our front steps. All we could manage was a short shift forward followed by and long roll back. It was looking pretty bad. I went next door and asked Edwell to give us a hand. He was in his early 50s. Well he jumped at the chance to show us his manly strength. The next 5 minutes have become something of legend,I will never forget.
Edwell lowered his shoulder to the side of the Aga and pushed. He was at the time at the bottom of our steep steps. By the time he came up for air, we were in front of the front door, with the Aga sitting pretty. He adjusted his cloth cap [which he always wore, even to bed I think]brushed his shoulder down and lowered himself again. We were ready with the door open. He pushed and he pushed and yes he could of pushed the house down. Instead he pushed our Aga all the way to the kitchen. We were flabagasted couldn't believe our eyes. He was like an Ox on steroids, of course we opened the whisky bottle and celebrated his achievements. On leaving he promised to come back the next day to help us plumb it in.
We slept like babies that night so happy we had our guardian angel next door.
Thanks for your stories too.
Grump x
PS Grockles, been awhile since I heard that word, love it.

JJ Beattie said...

Yes, I absolutely do believe in them. What a lovely story.

Flowerpot said...

MOB - what is it with male pride? Crazy!

ChrisH - what's your friend Jill's guardian angel like? does he have a character? Be fascinated to know!

Flowerpot said...

Ak - well one minute he was there, the next he wasn't! But he was there at the right time, yes.

Tam - good to meet you. I believe in the kindness of human nature, too.

rosiero said...

Loved this story. It is great to think there are some nice people still left in this world.

Flowerpot said...

Grump - what an incredible story! I loved the cloth cap too!!

JJ - It's good to believe in them, I think. Uplifting, I mean.

Pat Posner said...

I believe.

MarmiteToasty said...

He was the 'cooker angel' :)


Wordtryst - Liane Spicer said...

I, too, believe. Absolutely. And they take many forms, not necessarily the celestial-light-being we tend to imagine. I just lurrvve yours, though. I forget mine is (are?) there but I've seen the evidence many a time, thank God.

Flowerpot said...

Pat - I'm glad you do!

Marmie - I like that! Cooker angel has a nice ring to it.....!

Liane - how lovely that you've seen evidence of yours so often.

HelenMHunt said...

I've just finished writing a story with a guardian angel in it - so I think on some level I must believe!

Flowerpot said...

Helen - what was that? I'd be interested to read it!

Lane said...

I love this story.

I absolutely believe in them. Got me out of several sticky situations!
I think mine is my brother, just looking out for me:-)

Flowerpot said...

Lane - I do hope it is your brother. That wouldmake sense!

Fia said...

I wonder if he'll come back when you need a bit of angel care? Or perhaps they have a rota and someone different will appear.

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