Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Liebster award

Many thanks to Debs Debs for this Liebster award.

The rules of the Liebster Award are:
• Thank your Liebster Blog Award nominator on your blog and link back to the blogger who presented this award to you;
• Answer the eleven questions from the nominator;
• List eleven random facts about yourself:
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1. What’s your favourite novel and what do you love about it.
Too many to mention but The Vacillations of Poppy Carew has to be one of my favourties. I love Mary Wesley’s ability to create wacky, believable, funny and empathetic characters and amazing plots.

2. Do you have any pet peeves in fiction? Head-hopping in the same scene.

3. What are you most proud of?
My writing so far. More I hope!

4. Your most and least favourite people in history? Likes: Joan of Arc
Dislikes: Hitler

5. The country, city or other place you’d most like to visit? New Zealand, China, Greece

6. Which five people would you like to meet (dead, alive, or fictional)?
Dorothy Parker
Winston Churchill
Mary Wesley
Christopher Hitchens
Fonteyn and Nureyev

7. What makes you laugh the most?
Random things, usually Mr B imitating me.

8. If you could know the future, what would you wish for?
Love and happiness, that my writing career may continue

9. If you won the lottery and could donate money to charity, which charity would you choose – and why?
RNLI – I was married to a sailor and have become one myself

10. Do you suffer from any little phobias or superstitions? Not keen on spiders

11. What’s your favourite guilty pleasure?
A good massage

Eleven random facts about me…
1. I’ve just started writing poetry
2. I tend to fall in love with men who love boats
3. I have a black and white cat and dog
4. I’m a late starter
5. I have very good focus, apparently – needed when sailing
6. We’ve just bought a dinghy
7. The RYA course I’ve just done was the hardest thing Ive done since school.
8. I don’t have children, a fact that used to give me much pain. As I grow older I think perhaps it’s a good thing.
9. I cry very easily.
10. Mollie is named after my Irish cousin Mollie.
11. I can’t imagine not living by the sea now.

I nominate the following bloggers, but please feel free not to take this up:
Chris H


Akelamalu said...

Loved reading your answers and learning more about you FP. I won't be taking up the challenge I don't do memes any more but thanks for thinking of me. x

Flowerpot said...

Ak - glad you enjoyed it!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Loved your answers!

Flowerpot said...

Thanks Debs!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about living by the sea, I'm 2 miles away for the coast. The weather is so variable when you're on the coast, makes the landscape more interesting.

CJ x

Flowerpot said...

CJ - and being in Cornwall, the weather's even more variable as we get it from both sides of the peninsula!

Chris Stovell said...

Congratulations and thank you! I was particularly interested in random fact 2. Good luck to you!

So sorry not to have replied sooner. I was very much mistaken when I thought I'd have more time after finishing the book - nature abhors a vacuum and it's all be filled very quickly with various things arising on the domestic front. Thank you - I appreciate it!

Chris Stovell said...

Aargh, I think I jsut lost my comment - if it doesn't turn up I can't come back until Tuesday! See you then!

Talli Roland said...

I hear you on the head hopping! And oh, I do miss the sea.

Flowerpot said...

Talli - I don't think I could live away from the sea now.

Flowerpot said...

Chris - it's strange how vacuums have to be filled instantly isn't it? Though I thought you were referring to the hoover type. Perhaps you were!

galant said...

Of the people you would wish to meet, I have met (interviewed is more accurate) Mary Wesley, in the year before she died. I heard that she didn't suffer fools gladly, but she was charm itself. When I arrived at her cottage in Totnes she was using a pump-action water pistol on marauding cats, trying to prevent them entering her tiny cottage garden and catching the birds! What an amazing woman she was.
Margaret P