Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Rude health

I am, generally speaking, in rude health (now where did that expression come from?) so I was unprepared for a stinking cold that somewhat blighted my weekend with my dear friend Av in Devon. We still had a good time, of course, but the place we stayed in was cold so we tended to dive into bed (not together) to keep warm. Still, we had lots to catch up on and had a few walks and even indulged in Christmas Karaoke in Teignmouth, a sight that left the locals speechless.

I also saw my mum who’s being very well looked after by her lovely carer, Sue, and it was good to see my friends Jon and Annie who managed to tease me mercilessly (Jon) as well as cheering me up.

Back home, and I sort of crumpled. All my energy must have gone out through my nose. By yesterday morning it was apparent that no way could I give the talk (on walks) I was due to give at Flushing Sailing Club, so I had to cancel that, cancel singing rehearsal, and retreat to bed.

And what a relief to sink under the duvet. Bliss. I still have to walk MollieDog of course, but it does me good to get some fresh air before crawling back into my warm pit.

“Someone should be looking after you,” said Mr B when he rang - he is 300 miles away.

As I don’t have much appetite, my greatest needs are tissues, a good book and a big cuddle. The corner shop can provide the first, and I'm devouring books instead of food - so hurry back, Mr B, and provide the third.

I'd forgotten just how utterly wretched colds can make you feel, so I've decided my Get Well therapy will be to go and see the film of Paddington. I watched the trailer online yesterday and it had me giggling like a teenager.


Dc said...

Haven't had a cold for ages but have just started with a runny nose and sneezing - Lets hope it doesn't get a grip. Get well soon:)

Flowerpot said...

Hope you don't get it, DC - take care x

ADDY said...

Get well soon. Colds are comparatively minor things, but they sure make you feel wretched nevertheless.

Trubes said...

Sorry you're well and hope you feel better soon...Some home made soup may nourish you, if you feel like making it.
Or better still, drop hints to a friend or two!
I'll give you 10/10 for trying to fight it.

Get well soon FP xxx
Love Di xx

Flowerpot said...

Addy - they certainly do! Hope you're keeping fit x

Flowerpot said...

Thanks Di - I haven't felt like cooking up till now but will make a batch! x

Chris Stovell said...

Sorry to be late to this, but having been felled by my own wretched cold I can truly sympathize. As you say it's been incredibly draining. I do hope you feel very much better now - and received that much-needed cuddle!

Flowerpot said...

Chris - sorry to hear you've been laid low - it's areal stinker isn\'t it? Take care - yes lots of cuddles thanks! x

Kim @ Him, Him Me said...

I hate colds too.
Hope you are feeling better soon.

OH has shared his manflu with me & I wish he'd have it back. That's what I get for giving him lots of cuddles & TLC last week. Next time he gets a cold, he can sleep in the Shed. LOL.
Went to work yesterday but had to come home as felt so wretched. I work in a lab which is a sealed enviroment and has awful aircon running all the time which makes you feel worse.

Scotch broth made, Plenty of fluids & cuddles from dogs and lots of good music whilst I finish the Christmas cards off. Will try work tomorrow, if I can stop sneezing.

Flowerpot said...

Take care Kim - I'm over it now but Mr B ominously said tonight "I've got a sore throat'which is how mine started..... lope yours doesnt last long x