Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A Blooming Good One

That long break has upset my system, as I suspect it has many other of us. Today I got up, showered, had breakfast and walked the dog, did an hour's work. But really I just want to be underneath that duvet...

And it's not because I'm feeling miserable - I’m just off to interview someone about a helicopter service for VIP super yachts - talk about how the other half lives - and something to take the mind off this grey wet weather. However, despite Mr B’s forecast of this being a Hard Winter (he says that every year, with great conviction), it hasn’t been. Well, not yet, she says hastily.

Here in Cornwall the daffodils are raising cheerful yellow faces to the rain. Crocuses are pushing their little green shoots up, and a bush of pink camellias is blooming two doors down. We saw primroses nestling in a wall just after Christmas. And the days are really drawing out - it’s not dark till gone 5pm which is fabulous.

Last year did not end well. Dear Pete’s funeral, followed by van problems and then a power cut. I hardly dared get out of bed on New Year’s Eve in case something else went wrong. But it didn’t, and while I had the quietest NYE on record (at my mum’s) at least I was very smug and not hungover the next morning.

And to start the new year, I’ve got a bit of new work which is interesting and has cheered me no end.

So a very happy new year to everyone and may 2015 be a bloody good one.


Chris Stovell said...

A very Happy New Year to you too! I do hope it brings happiness, health and writing success for you - it sounds as if it's begun on the right note. Phew! x

Flowerpot said...

And the same to you, Chris! Take care x

Jane Jazz said...

I thought Shrophire had been mild, but daffodils and crocuses already? Cornwall sounds almost springlike! Hope your 2015 is bright and positive after all you've struggled with in recent times, Sue.

Have a Happy New Year, all through 2015 :o)

Flowerpot said...

Thanks Jane - have a very good 2015 yourself x