Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Book cover!

I'm glad I had that break to get over flu, as life has resumed its normal speed. Last week I interviewed one of the coastguards here in Falmouth which was fascinating. In fact, the coastguard disappeared for the first five minutes, as someone had turned up with some old flares from his boat - Falmouth will take old pyrotechnics, as they're known in the trade, and dispose of them for anyone. But the interview was a fascinating insight into what goes on up there.

Then on Monday I went down to meet the Cox of the RNLI in Falmouth and also had a guided tour round both lifeboats - the inshore and all weather one. If you're in Falmouth, do call down and see them - the tours are free and really interesting.

Yesterday I received the mock up of the Poldark walks book which is very exciting. Having handed over the manuscript, I put it to one side in my head, and have been focusing on other work, so it was quite a surprise to see it! Only about two months till publication, but a lot of work to be done before that.

As I write, there is an easterly gale howling round Falmouth - it manages to blow into every cranny somehow, so I can hear it shrieking down the chimney, howling round the back yard, and assaulting me when I go out of the front door. This morning I nipped down to make sure our new boat is all right - we officially take possession on Friday, when we pick up the outboard and receipt, so that will be very exciting. Typically, the forecast for the weekend isn't good, but never mind. We can start to clean her up and get to know her. She's called Serenity, which is something we could all do with in life.


Melissa Amateis said...

So glad you're feeling better! The flu has really hit our neck of the woods, as well. And congrats on the book cover!!!

ADDY said...

Sounds like everything is falling into place (apart from the weather).

Flowerpot said...

Thank you - glad you like the book cover! Hope you are over the flu anyway!

Flowerpot said...

Thanks Addy - though I would hesitate to be that optimistic!