Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Starting Again

Well, so much for all that early January strength and positivity. Last Monday I got up, walked Moll feeling a bit jaded but sat down to work. By 11am I could hardly keep my eyes open and had to go to bed. Where I slept for TWO HOURS... And it went downhill from there, so I ended up staying in bed for most of the week, getting up to drag myself round the block with poor Moll a couple of times a day, then taking her to the churchyard in the afternoon, where I could stagger round like an old lady, and Moll could let off steam chasing squirrels round the gravestones. Cheerful companions, dead people, especially when you feel hideous.

I couldn't concentrate, couldn't run two words together, let alone string an article together, and after staring at various books without being able to take anything in, I finally started re-reading some Jo Jo Moyes novels which I devoured like one starved. One a day for the last few days: words pouring into my feverish brain, making little sense but carrying me along as I rushed, headlong, into other worlds where flu and loneliness did not exist. For being ill when on your own is lonely. Moll does her best, of course, but no one wanted flu so my mates steered clear - you can't blame them.

Thankfully I am now much recovered. Energy levels are still decidedly low, and I'd forgotten how dispiriting post-flu can make you feel, but at least I can string a few sentences together which is a great relief. So, slowly, life resumes to normal. Which, being January (or February by the time you read this), consists of grey, damp sludgy days where the first crocuses have already burst forth, and daffodil shoots are now six inches high.

Spring isn't too far away. I've got a review to do in a few weeks (I hope) and met some interesting people on a dog walk last Sunday. Daphne du Maurier beckons, as does my novel. So hope is in the air....


Melissa Amateis said...

Oh Sue, I'm so sorry to hear you've been feeling poorly. The flu has been going around here, too, though I'm very thankful it hasn't hit me yet. My rheumatologist made sure I got a flu shot and a pneumonia shot this year, so maybe that helped!

I'm glad you're feeling better. Take it easy!

Flowerpot said...

Thanks Melissa - hope you are doing OK, too X

Kim @ Him, Him Me said...

Know just how you feel, I was laid out by a nasty chest infection from 2 weeks before Christmas and I'm still not right but getting there at last. Look after yourself.

Dc said...

I have only had flu once but was ill for 6 weeks or more afterwards with two bouts of bronchitis! Rest up and get well soon.

Flowerpot said...

DC - thanks - I trust it won't be six weeks though! X

Flowerpot said...

Kim 0 some evil bugs around aren't there?!

ADDY said...

You poor thing. Being ill on your own is no fun at all. But be consoled the weather was so cold and gloomy, you were in the best place in bed.

Flowerpot said...

Actually, Addy, we had good weather here last week - it's this week's that's so horrible!!

Trubes said...

I am so sorry that you've been poorly and even worse feeling
lonely, Flu is the most debilitating thing, I have to smile
when sometimes a wfriend will say @Ive got a touch of flu',
I want to scream at them 'no you haven't there's no such thing,
you've got a chill or a cold', if you had real flu you wouldn't
be here talking to me now'!
I do hope your friends rally round now because you can't be
contageous at this stage.
I'm glad you've got lovely little Moll to keep you company,
also you seem to be almost recovered but still take careBest wishes,

Flowerpot said...

Thanks Di! XX

Trubes said...

Just popped over to ask how you are now,
Flu can be so debilitating,
Hope you're feeling better,
Love di. xx

Flowerpot said...

Thanks Di - finally feeling a bit better today hooray! Taken ages but finally getting there X

Trubes said...

Hello again...Waves,,,,just checking by to se how you are ?
hope you're feeling better,
love Di xx