Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The importance of breaks

Towards the end of last week I went up to see my mum, and took her round the lovely Dartington Gardens on Friday morning where, despite the ongoing monotonous grey days, spring had put in an appearance. The grass was studded with purple crocus, violet periwinkles, dusky red hellebores and delicate fritillary, while the banks of the old jousting area were covered in a spring duvet of primroses. Magnolias sang from elegant trees towering above us, and birds rejoiced next to us.

My dear mate Av met me at mum’s and after lunch and a catch up (my mum refers to Av as her other daughter), we set off to walk Moll at Staverton, then to Totnes where Av had booked us into a B&B for the weekend.

Not having been away for a while, I was very aware of how important breaks are. However much we may (or may not) enjoy our day to day lives, having a change of scene is very beneficial. Av and I have known each other for well over 20 years now and been away many times so we know when to give each other space, what each other likes etc.

We explored Totnes market, visited the charity shops, walked miles with Moll, and found The Albert (after Einstein), a brilliant pub down the road from where we were staying, which did a home made pie and a pint (or glass of wine in our case) for £8.50 as a special offer on Fridays and Saturdays. No prizes for guessing where we ate.

We sorted the world out, had a lot of laughs, a few tears, and while I still find it hard coming back to an empty flat, it was lovely to have that time together, and with my mum.

I’ve now got another streaming cold, but despite that I’m looking forward to the next break, though having busy lives, it's important to put aside some time. Exmoor is a possibility, and Av and I are planning another weekend in October. Who knows what else may come up?


Dc said...

That is so true. We don't get away often enough but treat our weekly walks (and food) as a mini break which helps lift our spirits.

Flowerpot said...

DC - yes, I had a lovely walk yesterday in the sunshine which made such a difference and made us feel loads better.

ADDY said...

Sounds like it was just what the doctor ordered. I'm planning a 3-day break for next week.

Flowerpot said...

Good for you, Addy!

Melissa Amateis said...

It's so important to take breaks and get a change of scenery - something I forget all too often. I was fortunate to take a short trip to Colorado a few weeks ago, and then I'll be headed home to our family farm next weekend. I'm looking forward to it!

Flowerpot said...

Melissa - good - enjoy that farm and the change of scene. And take care!