Thursday, 10 September 2020

A New Chapter

First of all, apologies for all this being in one paragraph. I still haven't found out how to make Blogger acknowledge carriage returns. Anyone any ideas? In the meantime, everything comes in an indigestible lump. Anyway, the last few weeks have been hard without Moll. Harder than I would have thought possible. Especially the evenings and at nights. But by a curious set of coincidences, a week after we lost Moll, a friend put me in touch with someone who is fostering a dog that needs adopting. It turns out the lady from the charity involved originally lives round the corner from me and I was about to knock on her door anyway. Then it turns out I know the person fostering the dog from when Pip was alive. A very small world! I've had six walks so far with the dog and her foster carer and so we've got to know each other and I know about her quirks and wobbly tendencies. (She has yet to learn mine.) And to cut a very long story short, my home check has just been approved, so as from next Wednesday I will have a darling dog living with me. Home really isn't home without a dog, and while no one can ever replace Moll, I really look forward to getting to know this new one, having lots of fantastic walks and adventures, and being part of my life. She is part Spitz and part all sorts, by the way, aged 4. No pictures yet. She is very intelligent, loyal, athletic, loving and underneath a little insecure because of her past. I hope we can make each other very happy - it's as if Moll sent her to me, knowing how I feel. This was taken last Sunday, just after we'd picked up Moll's ashes (not ready to scatter them yet). We were walking along by St Agnes Head and I looked up and said, "Look - there's MOll looking down on us....)


ADDY said...

Gosh, that was quick! Do hope you settle together and enjoy your forever walks.

Flowerpot said...

Addy - I know, it's almost as if Moll sent her to me....!