Monday, 30 April 2007

Patriotic colours of spring

I didn't realise until I was walking the dog with my mate Deb yesterday, how patriotic spring is. Wild garlic is seething in a pungent mass of pungent white, Campion is peeking up in dots of pinky red, and the bluebells cover the ground in a haze of blue. Everywhere is the sweet smell of spring - or it was on our walk yesterday, round the Maen valley. Mollie met a 15 week old JR puppy also called Mollie and they had a wonderful chase together until my Mollie was distracted by a large pile of horse shit which, to her delight, she rolled in stank us out for the rest of the walk.
We were going to do a long walk over at Helford but as my energies are low and I had a long technical dress rehearsal for Oliver that evening, we opted for a shorter one which was just as good and meant I wasn't completely on my knees before the rehearsal started. Just as well as we started an hour late and I got home six hours later. I don't know how the children are going to cope with this week, but I'm shattered already.
Husband is coping well with being left, night after night, or at least is uncomplaining. He's not coming until the last night, but I think he's only coming along then so he can say he's actually seen me on our wedding anniversary. (We have a matinee as well on Sat so we will have to celebrate another day.)
He's off to have an allergy test tomorrow, as he is convinced he's allergic to something, as he has all the symptoms (he's beenGoogling) - runny nose, itchy eyes, stiff joints - oh, and he farts a lot as well. So far he's given up wheat for - er - five days and gave up coffee for 4 days. He doesnt have much tolerance for giving up things, though, and when I mentioned (rather meanly) that he might be allergic to alcohol, he went Rather Quiet. I saw he's written a note of things he might be allergic to and among them are grapes and yeast. Not until the bottom, written in very small letters, is alcohol. (So it's nothing to do with grapes or yeast, then.)
But enough of this. Must send off two articles to a magazine that requested further information (fingers crossed) and get outside. Time to walk the dog and get ready for technical dress rehearsal with make up tonight - first night tomorrow.

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