Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Singing and Dancing Flowerpots

This is the week before our production of Oliver which will be on stage next week. Rehearsals are hotting up and I have the songs permanently running through my head like a soundtrack. Small wonder, perhaps, that I’m finding it difficult to concentrate on editing an article! I’m also very tired but given the last few months of toothache and all that mayhem, this is possibly a very normal reaction. Not very good timing, but I do love the rehearsals and wish I’d got into the theatre company earlier.

The whole experience is proving a fascinating education. Not only does a musical such as Oliver include parts for all ages – I don’t know the exact ages but the children in Fagin’s Den must be aged 9 or 10, there are several teenagers, a group of girls in their early twenties and also parts for the older performer – Fagin, Mr Bumble, the Bedwins and that other couple whose name has gone straight from my head – see the state of my brain?

The after stage party is being held a week later, to accommodate the children as well as those of us who are older, in the Gylly Beach CafĂ©, a lovely spot on the main beach at Falmouth. As a newbie I have made friends with other newbies of similar age and it’s been a wonderful experience - and that's before we get on stage! The time and dedication of those producing the musical is incredible, particularly given that the producer and director are both in their late 70s and one is just recovering from a hip operation.

And now I must get back to work. I've been told on good authority that publishers aren't keen on theatrical backgrounds? Why not?

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