Saturday, 29 December 2007

More animals

Another one of Bussie in his box which has nothing to do with this post, but I like it.

On Christmas Eve we met another dogwalking friend who lives down the road. Betty has an Old English Sheepdog called Annie and we were talking about Travelscope going bust (see earlier post). Betty is going on a cruise in February, though not with them, and hoped that would be risk free.

‘What about Annie?’ I said.

‘My son’s going to move into my flat,’ said Betty. ‘But he starts work at 6am so I need to find someone to walk Annie in the mornings.’

Before I could think, I’d opened my mouth and said – yes, you’ve guessed it – ‘We’ll do it.’ I then looked at Himself who said, ‘We come up to the castle every day, so it’s no problem to take Annie.’

Betty looked and sounded overwhelmed, dear of her, and the next day she asked if we’d come for a drink on Christmas Day and bring my mother too.

So at noon we set off down the road and had a very congenial hour with Betty drinking wine and eating home made sausage rolls (don’t get those in this house I can tell you).

Betty is over 80 and has tremendous spirit and energy. Annie, by contrast, is a real softie who can be naughty but was incredibly well behaved when we were there. She gets Betty up at 6.30 every morning and at 8am Betty and Annie leave the flat to meet friends every morning and walk round the castle for an hour.

She always greets us with a smile and a laugh, regardless of rain or shine, gales or snow.

I’m using Betty as my role model.


laurie said...

oh, that's good of you. and betty sounds like a great person.

we need a new dog-walker for when we go on trips---feel like vacationing in minnesota???

Flowerpot said...

a vacation in minnesota sounds great - but not sure how Mollie and bussie would take it!!

Akelamalu said...

Can you take me for a walk every day please - I CERTAINLY need the exercise! :(

Philipa said...

Betty sounds like a great role model and I do hope she enjoys her cruise :-)

I agree with akelamalu - I need a walk every day. My new years resolution, flowerpot - to walk more, even without a dog. Though Annie sounds lovely.

Happy new year :-)

Sally Lomax said...

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year..... x

The Rotten Correspondent said...

You walk to a castle every day? That is so amazingly cool. Do you have a picture of it? Or have you already posted it and I've missed it?

My dogs are so jealous. They have castle envy.

Flowerpot said...

Ak - well, having Mollie means two walks a day come hellor high water! You are more than welcome to come along - the more the merrier!

MarmiteToasty said...

I need a chicken letter outter LOL.... and a scorpion, bearded dragon and chamelion feeder and a cat lapper....

I aint that far from Cornwall ya know..... :)


Flowerpot said...

philipa - having a dog is a much better incentive to walking so good for you for your resolution, and happy new year to you!

Flowerpot said...

Sally - and the same to you!

RC - I will try to dig out a picture of teh castle for you. Watch this space!

Flowerpot said...

marmite - where are you then?!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Betty sounds like a great role model. And I love those green, green eyes (well they're really REALLY green in my browser, anyway). Happy New Year!

Devon said...

I would love to walk my dog around a castle everyday, but it might be a bit embarassing as he tends to pee on any man made object!

Betty sounds like a good role model to me!

Flowerpot said...

zinnia - good to see you and hope the new year brings you everything you desire!

Devon - good to meet you. Most dogs do pee on everything don't they? We only walk around the moat though, not teh castle itself!