Monday, 14 January 2008

The First Fire

We had our first fire on Saturday night.

We were intending to go out and celebrate, but instead we stared at the fire in wonder. Never mind that it was a warm evening: our flat hasn’t warmed up since last winter, so we gazed at the fire like proud parents and hugged each other with joy.

I will take a picture when things calm down so you can see it in all its full glory.

Later that evening we felt we should ring my mother as she’s paying for it, dear of her. By this time Himself had consumed a fair bit of wine and was full of liquid bonhomie.

When he heard that she was intending to come down on Thursday to see an exhibition at Truro Museum, he grabbed the phone and said, “But you must come and stay the night, Penny.”

She was delighted and said that would be lovely.

It wasn’t until the next morning, in the cruel and sober daylight that he realised he’s got a lot to do in the living room to make the shelf he’s intending to cover what had been the large hole in the chimney breast.

So he rushed off in a panic to buy timber, came back and made the framework (which looks rather splendid, or will do when it’s finished) and departed to go to listen to the jazz. In his wake, the living room was covered in sawdust, with the workbench up, several saws, his toolbox and endless screws and drills covering every available surface.

I waited until he came home to say that I hadn’t liked to touch anything because I presumed he was in the middle of things. I’m not sure that he caught the irony.

What it is to live with a creative genius. But later, I heard the hum of the hoover, and Mollie’s answering bark.

What it is to live with a creative genius who can hoover.


Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Irony just goes over their heads doesn't it!?

I too live with a creative genius who can hoover. Although the simple things in life seem to confuse the heck out ofhim!

Flowerpot said...

aoj - there's somethign to be said for men who can hoover! But yes you're quite right about the simple things being confusing!

laurie said...

ah, that sounds awfully familiar. and homey!

glad your fireplace is working. there's nothing nicer on a cold or rainy night.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

A real fire does look good but I don't like them here! Too much cleaning up to do.

I need help!! I am trying to put a wordcounter on my blog to total up the words in my novel to date. Any ideas??

Crystal xx

Flowerpot said...

laurie - you know teh feeling, huh?! I cant tell you how wonderful it is to have a Real Fire.

Crystal - yes there is teh cleaning up. As for word count - go to teh bottom of my blog and I have one there. If you click on it, it should give you instructions for how to install your own.

Flowerpot said...

Crystal - no, sorry. What I do is just write in the number of words at teh top and go into Dashboard when I need to change it.

Lane said...

Sounds like himself has done a good job. Enjoy the snugness:-)

Flowerpot said...

lane - he's done a wonderful job and yes I've just lit the fire now. Bliss!

Debs said...

I love a real fire, so cosy especially when it's so grim outside. I also live with a creative genius who can hoover, unfortunately when he does the dog harasses him so much he ends up in a dreadful mood. Doesn't bother me though as long as the hoovering has been done.

Miss Understood said...

How romantic! A real fire. How I'd love one of those...I could watch the flames for hours.

Have you got a nice furry rug to put in front of it? On second thoughts, you'll probably need two because I'm sure your 4 legged friends will get there first!

Akelamalu said...

A genius who hoovers? You're a lucky woman! ;)

HelenMH said...

Just someone who can hoover would do me!

Ellee Seymour said...

You are one very lucky woman, but I think he knows that. I certainly love my coal fire and lit one yesterday afternoon.

Flowerpot said...

debs - yes our dog harrasses Himself like mad - do all dogs hate hoovers I wonder?

Flowerpot said...

MissU - funny you should say that./ A furry rug is just what we need. Trago sale here we come. Though in fact the furry ones have't ventured that far. They like the heat from a safe distance. So far.

Ak - yes, aren't i?!

helen - I am most fortunate indeed.

Flowerpot said...

ellee - yes I am very lucky. Glad you;ve got a fire you can light, also. Dont they make a difference?