Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Octopi and carnivals

For the last two weeks we’ve had a visitor in our garage. He’s six foot in circumference, covered in gold paper and has eight legs made of those wobbly leads used for connecting washing machines. Meet Oz the octopus. (Sorry no pics.)

The reason for our guest was Falmouth carnival which took place on Saturday early evening. For most of the day it rained, then poured, and from 5-6pm it deluged. I mean stair rods. Then the god of carnivals relented, and the rain stopped, literally from 6.30 – 7.30 so the carnival was able to take place. As all the participants were on foot, it would have been very wet otherwise.

As always, it was led by the Falmouth Marine Band who are a great tradition in Falmouth, renowned for much bawdy music, drinking and general enjoyment. They also raise a huge amount of money for local charities. The one eligibility for joining is that you aren’t musical, which excluded my dear husband. Each year they work on a different costume and lead the carnival down from the park through the town, collecting money along the way.

Despite not having as good a turnout as normal, owing to the weather, there were the stalwarts, like us, who shot into the pub, grabbed a drink and rushed outside as we got the word that the marine band were due to arrive. There’s a great sense of community spirit as we laughed and cheered, waved at those we knew, and applauded various husbands who were ‘guillotined’ by Marie Pastyoinette and her reckless wenches.

Having seen all the carnival entrants go past, we adjourned to the pub where we met many friends, including Nick the cartoonist, and could have stayed all evening in the snug warmth of the pub.

Unfortunately little Moll, although a lot better, hadn’t quite recovered so we went home to babysit.

But the evening gave me a warm glow. Friends, a good laugh and a sense of belonging. It’s what we all need to banish the wintry summer blues.

I might not be around much this week as I’m not feeling too brilliant. Probably got Moll’s bug! She is fine again, I hasten to add, so that's the main thing. See you all again soon.


Rebecca Taunton said...

Oh dear FP. I do hope you feel better soon...at least the sun is shining today!

Part of me now wishes we'd gone down to the carnival after all. (I'll admit that I was one of those that chose to stay away because of the poor weather).You make it sound such fun!


Akelamalu said...

What a shame the weather kept everyone at home! Still you had a good time and you paint a pretty picture m'dear.

Good to hear that Moll is better, not so good to hear you're not well! I'll remember you when I'm sending Reiki honey. x

JJ said...

Hope you feel better soon, Flowerpot. JJx

Miss Understood said...

Good for you for braving the English weather and supporting them all!

Sorry to hear you're not feeling too good - I hope you get well soon. I'm glad Moll is on the mend :)

Grump said...

The rain knows when to fall and hold off. Timing is everything. I love the snug bar in the pub.
I hope what ever you have passes soon and once again you can be passing on your pearls of wisdom to your avid readers.
Cheers Mark x

Flowerpot said...

RT - thanks yes doesnt it make a difference to see teh sun?

Ak - I'm feeling a bit better thanks but many thanks for the reiki.

jj - thanks!

Flowerpot said...

MissU - well it helped that the pub was right next door I must say!

Grump - thanks. As you've probably gathered, the rain has been unceasing and is so again today. No chance of a trip to Treen in this weather...

Anonymous said...

Glad Moll is better but sorry you hear you aren't feeling well. Take care

CJ xx

Annie Bright said...

Glad Moll is feeling better. Hope you get well soon.

Flowerpot said...

Crystal - thanks, feeling a lot better now thanks.

Annie - Moll is bouncing and I will be too very soon!

ChrisH said...

Such a pity that the weather this summer has ruined so many events - glad the carnival was able to proceed but shame about the numbers after all the hard work.

Hope you are back on your feet again and thanks for sparing the time to drop in and leave kind words.

Flowerpot said...

Chris - you take care. Thinking of you.