Thursday, 4 September 2008

Colonoscopies and inspiration

A quick post as I shall be out of action for the next few days owing to my colonoscopy on Friday. When I rang to ask for an appointment in Truro I was told that I should have had a test two YEARS ago but Treliske’s waiting list goes on forever and that’s why I’d been given an appointment for Penzance.

I was given another appointment for two weeks time but didn’t sleep on Monday for worrying about it, so I rang them up on Tuesday morning and the lady very kindly said she had a cancellation for Friday morning and would I like that. Reasoning that I’d rather get it over and done with I said yes.

So today (Thursday) is spent taking laxatives, rushing to the loo and drinking lots of fluids. No food and I am starving and trying not to think about the fact that I can’t eat till Friday afternoon.

Anyway, at least by tomorrow lunchtime it will be over and done with all the earlier and I can relax again. In more ways than one.

The good thing about having to undergo things like this is that it makes you realise how good life is. I walked Moll yesterday through the fields at Flushing, watching St Just opposite lit by afternoon sunshine. This walk was made all the more special as I won’t be able to walk for a couple of days. And not being able to eat for a day and a half has made me realise how wonderful it will be to eat and drink again!

On the other news, the agent is reading my novel as I write this. She said she'd get back to me soonest so - well, all I can do is hope and identify the next agent to send it to if she says no. Which I have done.

I spent yesterday morning interviewing a fascinating couple who have set up a company called Treasure Trails. Do have a look – they cover most of the UK and will be online with another 4 counties by Christmas.

The idea behind it is a fun and inexpensive (£5 per trail) way of encouraging people to get out and about, working together to solve a mystery, exploring and appreciating their surroundings. So next time your family proclaim they’re bored, pick a Treasure Trail, or a Murder Mystery, or a Spy trail and have fun with all the family.

As they say, you always find more than you’re looking for. Value for money, a fun way to learn about your local area, history, quirky things or fascinating things. Clues that 6 year olds can pick up and others that their parents and grandparents can work out. It’s all carefully thought out.

Meeting this couple, it is impossible not to be swept up by their vibrant enthusiasm, their boundless energy and ideas which burst forth at every opportunity. That and the fact that they met aged 16 at school and have been together ever since.

It was a really inspiring morning and I came away glowing.

Have a good weekend everyone.


Lane Mathias said...

All the best for tomorrow fp. Plan something nice for dinner to look forward to.
The trails look great. I hope they come to the East soon.

Elaine Denning said...

I think you're allowed jelly, FP. And clear soup. Perhaps a spoonful of bovril in some hot water? Actually, I think I'd rather go without!

I hope today goes as quickly and painlessly as possible for you...I'll be thinking of you. And good luck for tomorrow. x

Flowerpot said...

lane - are the trails not near you? They're well worth doing. And yes, I will plan something lovelyfor tomorrow evening. Anything frankly would be lovely!

MissU - yes I am allowed jelly. and I've just had two bovrils in hot water which has done nothing to assuage my hunger pangs! Still, soon over and done with - thanks for your thoughts.

Amanda said...

Best wishes for tomorrow FP. And I hope the agent loves your novel!
I really like the look of the trails!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

Akelamalu said...

I don't envy you FP but this time tomorrow it will all be over and you can treat yourself to something really scrumptious to eat! I'll be thinking about you and I'll send you some Reiki. xx

Liane Spicer said...

Hope all goes well, FP. Your post title made my eyes fly open, I tell you!

Best of luck with the agent!

Ellee Seymour said...

Wishing you well for the op, it must be a relief to have it over with by now. It's never a pleasant experience.
I like the trails too, maybe we should meet up together and try one out.

Grump said...

I hope all goes well with the tube up the bum. Look forward to hearing all about it next week.
OOpps got to rush to the loo.
Woof x

Flowerpot said...

Annie - many thanks for your wishes.

Debs - and to you too!

Ak - thanks for the Reiki - it did the trick!

Flowerpot said...

wordtryst - I see what you mean! I can't say that c'oscopies inspire me one iota!!

ellee - all well thanks and yes I would love to meet up and do a trail.

grump - Up yours too!!

Flowerpot said...

Annie - many thanks for your wishes.

Debs - and to you too!

Ak - thanks for the Reiki - it did the trick!

BreadBox said...

Good luck with the c'scopy: I remember when LOML went through that a few years ago --- a most uncomfortable time for a couple of days. Do let us know how it turned out...

Pat Posner said...

Been thinking of you.
Hope you're recovering well.

Flowerpot said...

breadbox - thanks for that. Am glad to say the results are clear. Hooray!

pat - many thanks for your kind thuoghts. I am fine today thanks.