Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Don't mention grid references

This past week has been very busy, proofing my book, “Walks in the Footsteps of Cornish Writers”, doing a car boot last Wednesday where we all made a profit (hooray!) and getting out for a few sunny walks. My dear sister in law, Shelagh, who lives in Vermont, has also been proofing the book, bless her - on the basis that two lots of eyes are better than one.

However, I realised to my horror that I hadn’t provided grid references for the start of the walks, which I needed to do. Well, me and words are fine. Me and numbers are anything but fine. As Mr B says, “I can see a shutter come down” and I panic. Still, I watched a video on You Tube about how to take grid references and thought, “Oh that’s fine.” Well, the first one was. But the second one I started having doubts. And by the fourth I was so confused I didn't know what to do with myself. I asked Mr B who helped a bit and said keep referring to the example last the bottom of the map, but even so my brain swam.

Finally I got them done - I thought. Then I thought, well I really need someone to double check these as my confidence in my mathematical abilities is zilch. Thankfully my dear friend John offered, went over the whole list for me and amended the ones that needed amending. As they obviously needed to be 100% accurate, I am more grateful than I can say. The relief!

One final check, and I can send the whole book with required changes back to my publishers, and they can get going.

I’m then going to lie down in a darkened room. But first I will have a large glass of wine or two.

Pictures taken at Rinsey Cove with Mel and Moll on Sunday afternoon.


Dc said...

Well done you, I wouldn't know where to start and I have A level maths!

Flowerpot said...

Glad it's not just me then!

Anonymous said...

I hated Maths and anything to do with numbers all through school, and promised myself that as soon as my A-Levels were over, I would never have anything to do with numbers anymore!
Apart from the obvious, household bills, bank accounts etc, I've stuck to that promise!
If it's to do with numbers, DH has to do it, I just can't bring myself to have any interest in anything number related!

Flowerpot said...

I'm the same, Leagaleagle - cant do numbers at all. Thank god for good mates eh? Mr B was going to volunteer but realised it was a big responsibility and decided not!

Melissa Marsh said...

Why did I neglect to remember that you live in Cornwall? I've been watching "Poldark" here in the US and am absolutely, massively in love with it (well, Aidan Turner does have a bit to do with that!). Cornwall is absolutely gorgeous, though, and I can't wait to visit someday. I will be in England in the autumn with my daughter, but we won't have a chance to get to Cornwall. Next time, though!

Flowerpot said...

Melissa - glad you have enjoyed Poldark too! Hope you get a chance to visit Cornwall soon!

Akelamalu said...

Love that pic of Moll!

Flowerpot said...

Thanks Ak - she's much more photogenic than me!