Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Deadline looming

My brain is frazzled. It's known as Deadline Looming Frazzle. I've got all the material together, but the photographs aren't as good as I would have liked, given the fact that we've had 4 months of the wettest winter known for 100 years.

I'm not entirely happy with the directions on one of the walks, so several of us are going to do that again on Friday, when there should be a break in the weather, and I'd like to get better pictures of Caerhays Castle, if possible, which might happen on Sunday or Monday depending on the weather.

Apart from that, the text is all written, collated, edited and proofed and checked. The maps are done, ready for sending. I'm still collating the pictures in Dropbox ready for sending. And I've written the Introduction and the blurb on the back.

As it's Easter, various friends are arriving, and ringing up wanting to meet which is lovely but doesn't fit in with getting this book out. So if I sound fraught - I am, but it's nothing personal!

In amongst all this is the feeling of impending loss looming. I've packed a year's worth of work into six months which has been very rewarding, but leaving it - and sending it off, out of my hands - is terrifying. Think empty nest syndrome.

I tried to explain this to a friend last night who isn't a writer and he looked at me as if I was made. Well, I am, but it's very common for writers. It's just how it is, and one of the difficulties you have to live with. I have to get back to journalism when this is over and earn some much needed money - and that is something I love doing as well - but books are something special. They snuggle into your heart and linger there, and this one is particularly special. Partly because it's Poldark and partly because all the material is new, rather than walks I may have used before.

So think of me on April 1st. My deadline will be over - and met - and I will feel bereft. Ready for new projects.

On a lighter note, last Sunday, we did a flashmob in Lidls in Penzance and the singing really lifted my heart and my spirits. I listen to it when I'm feeling fraught.....

Sorry I have been trying to insert the link but it won't oblige! If you look on my Facebook timeline it's on there....!


Dc said...

I think any project that takes time can feel a little like nurturing a child. I felt the same a few months after my art degree inished.

Flowerpot said...

DC - I agree. You put all that energy into it and then it goes off into the wide world!

Rena George said...

Sue! What are you like? You've produced two fabulous books on Cornish walks as only you can. The new one will be another triumph! It will! All authors have wobbles at this stage. It's evidence of our professionalism. This will be the best book yet, especially on the back of the fantastic success of the TV Polark series. Well Done!
Can't wait to read it! xx

Flowerpot said...

Thanks Rena - you have restored my faith in myself! Ou know what the wobbles are like - I was trying to explain it to someone ( a non-writer) the other day and was met with blank stares! xx

Colette McCormick said...

Without meaning to sound glib I'm sure it will all be fine. Trust your track record.

Flowerpot said...

Thanks Colette!