Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Boats, Penzance and sunshine

I woke up with a hollow feeling today - it’s Pip and my wedding anniversary, and however much my life has moved on, I still, obviously, feel a great sadness at having lost such a lovely man. But he would be delighted at having bought this boat, and giving her so much loving care - which is badly needed.

I’ve got an aching back now but in a good cause - we’ve just been scraping the bottom of our boat, Serenity. And now, courtesy of a lot of creme cleaner, she has a much whiter deck and a clean bum as well!

It’s good for me to learn more about this boat from the bottom up, pardon the pun. And I’m beginning to realise that owning this boat is much more of a journey than either Piran or Echo. In a good way….

But today the sun is shining and we’re off to Penzance this afternoon - I’ve got a meeting with forager Rachel Lambert, with whom I will be giving a talk at the Penzance Literary Festival this summer, and C has to go to the auctioneers to collect some unsold items and drop off some paintings. I then have to sign some books at Edge of the World bookshop in Penzance, and take Moll for a walk probably along the Prom.

“You’ve got a lot going on,” said Tony when we had a walk yesterday.

“Yes, I replied. But sadly none of it paying at the moment!”

But hopefully a bit more work will come my way. Fingers crossed, and in the meantime, let’s enjoy the sunshine!


Rena George said...

I love your busy life, Sue - and your wonderful books. Serenity will reward you for all the love and attention you are lavishing on her now. Good times are coming! xx

Flowerpot said...

Thank you, Rena - I hope so! xx

ADDY said...

It's funny how grief tugs at you on those special days. Glad that the boat is giving you some happy times, though. x

Flowerpot said...

Addy - yes, it's great working on it together - a special project! x

Chris Stovell said...

Bittersweet times. May Serenity bring you much joy. (Sorry, I really thought I'd left a comment but somehow must have missed it!) We're hoping to have another jaunt on Blue Nun tomorrow (Serenity's a much better name!) Cx

Flowerpot said...

Chris - enjoy Blue Nun jaunt! x