Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Above picture of Moll on a staddle stone near Castle an Dinas.

Last year my kitchen flooded in those flash floods we had in September, and a friend suggested I claim off the insurance. So a very kindly fellow came round and said they couldn't pay more than £300 but it would help with the cost of a new carpet or flooring, so I said yes thanks. And now I really wish I hadn't. My insurance has gone up from £300 to £800 - that was the best quote. The others were over £1,000. And all because of a £300 claim???

I'm still arguing the toss, of course, but am reeling from shock.

Apart from that, life is busy doing another walk for the book, preparing for the Great Estate Festival at Scorrier the first weekend in June(doing a talk/chat and singing), and then singing at the Sea Shanty Festival the following weekend. All a lot of fun and will hopefully sell some books, but not bringing much money in. Still, life has to be enjoyed. I must just try harder to earn the insurance money....!


Kim @ Him, Him Me said...

Ridiculous, isn't it? It certainly makes you think twice about claiming.
OH's parents came home to a sodden house after a fortnights holiday. The Assessor said the water had been getting in for a while, but because the cenral heating was on most of the time it had kept it at bay,and when they were away the heating was off so guess what!
Their repair bill was £12000 because of the restoration work that needed done. Their Insurance went up nearly 400% the following year, despite having been with the same company for 30 years. They took their case to the Insurance Ombudsman, who ruled in their favour, saying what was the point of Insurance if people were afraid to use it.
They renewed with another company and it cost the about £75 more than their old premium.
Insurance is a minefield, but you're damned if you have it & damned if you don't.
Rant over. Enjoy your talk and singing & the Sea Shanty Fetival.
Love to Mol as ever.

Flowerpot said...

I really wish I hadn't claimed now but its easy to be wise in hindsight......

ADDY said...

That is terrible. I claimed on rain getting through my roof a couple of years ago and did not have extra premiums. I think I was with Halifax at the time. I think too that Saga are pretty good too. I'm assuming you have tried the compare sites.

Flowerpot said...

Addy, yes I have tried the compare sties - I think it's because the flat roof blew off several years ago so I had to claim for that, and a second claim puts me into danger zone....