Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Let it snow..

Not a hint of snow here, but as ever more rain and some very strong winds.

But I'm not writing to have a gripe about the weather but to talk about Potager Garden, a very special place that Tony took me to several years ago. We went for a party of a friend of his, who has a workshop there and , as it was February, it was freezing. The party took place in the cafe which is in a greenhouse type conservatory room that was a little more open to the elements than might have been desired for winter.

Now, the place has been double glazed, though the woodturner is continually lit in winter and all the better for it. I have taken several friends there recently, as part of a walk for the next book, and every time I go I am delighted by it. The garden was a derelict nursery years ago and has been recovered over the years, to form lots of little separate areas where, in summer, people can gather to read, to talk as well as to garden. Dementia groups have started there; a singing workshop was held the other week and a workshop on making wreaths is to follow tomorrow. You can play table tennis, badminton, lounge around in hammocks outside, or just sit and read the papers.

The cafe serves homemade vegetarian food, cooked in the kitchen at the far end of the conservatory, accompanied by cafetieres of coffee and a range of other drinks. It would be quite possible to while away hours here quite happily. But we had a quick coffee and cake stop before doing a walk along to Scott's Quay, a mile or so away, and then back to Constantine over the fields.

It is a secret, magical part of Cornwall where you can rarely see a house, let alone meet anyone. And as we walked along the silent lanes, save for a noisy blackbird or a chatty robin, it made me wonder again at how many different faces of Cornwall I am privileged to see.


ADDY said...

I'm wondering where all this snow fell. We've had none in London, my sister-in-law in Lincolnshire has had none and her son in York has had none. We had sleet but at that didn't settle. It's blimmin cold though!

Flowerpot said...

There was lots in the Midlandsand round Oxford and round there apparently!

Kim @ Him, Him Me said...

Hi Sue,
I've felt much the same this Cristmas & New Year. Having a bad cold hasn't helped either, but some days, just getting up and getting dressed,has, as you say been enough. I just want hibernate from everyone & everything.
Hoping things will improve for you. I'm taking one baby step at a time.

All the best fo the coming year.

Flowerpot said...

Do hope you improve soon, Kim. Take care.