Monday, 21 December 2020

An uncertain future

We're all facing an uncertain end to the year. If this was a film, you couldn't really think of anything else to go wrong. Well, you could but let's not tempt fate.

Yes, the news is terrifying, but as one health expert pointed out, keep washing your hands, keeping your distance and wearing a mask. That really does help. And what we all need to do is plan for how to get through these next few months.

Living alone is no fun during lockdown (which we all know may be on the cards in January) but I have Lainy, I have my support bubble and I have other friends I walk with. My social life has largely consisted of dog walks for most of this year. I am 20,000 words into my next novel so I really hope I can still write, as that helps keep me sane. And I think it's a question of trying to keep each other going.

I've also got some good looking books to read over the next few weeks, and although my visit to my Mum has been postponed, again, I hope to be able to see her soon. She has her second Covid jab in early January.

So I end this last post this year by wishing everyone to keep safe and well. And plan for how we're all going to keep going for the next few months. What are you going to do?

Thinking of you all, with love, hugs and best wishes and a healthier 2021, Flowerpot and Lainy.

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