Friday, 26 October 2007

Cancer and Books

This was to be about books, but Himself has just had his PSA test results back and his level has gone down from 20+ to 5.6 in six weeks which is brilliant news. (Down is good, means the cancer has shrunk.) So we shall celebrate tonight!

And now on to what I was going to blog about - books that I like – and don’t.

I don’t tend to buy books, I tend to order them from the library, but I notice the title (which I promptly forget) and then look at the blurb on the back, then the first page. I also look at the typeface because I can’t stand a small typeface – not good for the eyes at my age.

I read depending on my mood, also. I started reading Lionel Shriver’s We must talk about Kevin (or whatever it was called) but it was when Himself had just been diagnosed with cancer and I couldn’t handle anything heavy then.

I don’t like thrillers because I get too nervous and can’t sleep afterwards, but having said that I plucked from the library shelves yesterday Meeting Point by Roisin McAuley which is a really good, fast paced murder mystery which I’m really enjoying.

I prefer not to read hardbacks, because they’re difficult to read in bed which is where I do most of my reading.

I tend to read mostly women and a lot of American and Canadian writers. Irish, too. (What does that say about me?!)

Being about to hit 50 (next year), books about 30 somethings trying to find Mr Right have rather lost their appeal. I loved Bridget Jones but I tend to avoid books with bright pink covers and young things that like shopping. (I’m allergic to shopping so that doesn’t have any appeal either.)

Humour is very difficult, I find, but I loved Jenny Cruisie’s books or the ones that I’ve read so far. Of course she’s another dog lover which I have to say goes a long way in my book (sorry).

So come on, what do you like?

(By the way, RT and I are hoping to have part of our writing meeting this morning in the writing cafe in Penryn if Himself gets back with the car. Will report back if we do.)


Miss Understood said...

I love boigraphies (but I'm sick and tired of all those "I had such a crap life' books).

Like you, I don't like chick lit. I also don't like mysteries, thrillers, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, or tacky romance novels.

I tend to buy a book if the blurb catches my attention and if I like it, I'll read more by the same author. Tony parsons I absolutely love...his style of writing is what I aspire to. More recently, Mark Haddon's 'A Spot of Bother' was excellent. If a book makes me feel or think or cry, and if I'm genuinely distressed at having to read the last page, then it has done it's job!

Miss Understood said...

God, I fogot! How could I? Slap me!
I am SO pleased at the good news. Make sure you have a drink for me!
To Himself: *clink* To Good Health. x

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Good news for Himself!

I almost exclusively read science fantasy. I read to escape my daily life and with fantasy I can sink into the world and the characters in the book and lose myself completely. Particular favourite authors are Terry Brooks, Robin Hobb, Trudi Canavan, Anne Bishop, Anne McCaffrey and David Eddings.

I do read some others: Terry Pratchett, whose books are sort of fantasy but also a good chuckle. I also like Kathy Reichs and I also found all the Dan Brown books a good yarn, despite them being a bit cliche and receiving some criticism.

One in my waiting pile is "Ugly" a biography by Constance Briscoe.

If I were to recommend one book to soemeone to read, it would be The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffennegger. Possibly the best book ever written.

I adore books and could happily sepnd every day curled up with a good read!

Mopsa said...

Fpot - you must have been inspired by my Wednesday post - let's share notes on book recs - the more good stuff to choose from the merrier. Chin chin.

Fiona said...

Firstly - great news about your man. You must celebrate, of course, a very wildly.

I so agree with you about thirty somethng books. It would be odd if we did find them that relevant any more. I do have friends still in their thirties and also ones in their seventies so I suppose I go for henlit noir - something a little bit more bitter sweet. Love thrillers and dog books but only if there are not too sad. I enjoy anything by Kate Long especially Swallowing Grandma.

Em said...

Congrats to Himself - fantastic news!! Hope it stays down/shrinks even more :D Will they take it out when it gets to a certain size?

What do I read? Fiction: Sci-fi, Fantasy, detective stories, some thrillers, historical stuff, classics - I don't like chick lit or anything too depressing or scary - or too pretentious (like Titus Groan or Ulysses - bleurgh). I have VERY eclectic taste! Non-fiction: bios, auto-bios (not by people like Katie Price or Beckham though, more like the Dalai Lama, Branson, Mandela, Amy Tan), travel, history/archaeology,paranormal, religion,philosophy...

Basically - I read! Currently reading "The Grey King" by Susan Cooper and was thrilled to learn that the second in the series has just come to the silver screen. It's a fantastic series and I don't care that I'm 25 years older than the target audience!!

I could never recommend just one book, I have too many favourites.

Em said...

Almost forgot - although I'm in my 30s - I really don't enjoy books about 30-somethings looking for Mr or Miss Right. Not unless that's just incidental to a much more interesting plot.

I love funny stuff - I would heartily recommend Jasper Fforde to all you well read types - go read the Eyre Affair. It'll have you in stitches, I promise. I also love Pratchett.

Lane said...

Fab news about Himself - really fab!

Books? I've loved all of Isabel Allende/Tan/Murakami/Anne Tylers and wish they would write more.:-)
Am always drawn to Irish writers/Japanese and Jewish writers (and by that I mean ww2 perspective.)
Am currently reading Maggie O'Farrell's latest and have Khaled Hosseini's latest waiting to be read at the top of the pile too.
The great thing about blogging is picking up recommendations from those who have the same sort of tastes. I also have a great little local library who orders them in for me - usually spanking new:-)

Hope you got to the cafe:-)

And Fiona's 'Henlit' - love it.

Sally Lomax said...

Fantastic news Flowerpot! Enjoy the celebrations!!

lady thinker said...

Great news about himself lower PSA levels.

One of My Desert Island book choices would be Flora Thompson's Lark Rise to Candleford. Semi autobiographicl - rural agri social domestic personal history of small hamlet life in a remote corner of Oxfordshire in the 1880's.

laurie said...

first of all, excellent news about your husband and his cancer numbers. excellent!!

i did not read that shriver book, but i read a different one by her that i loved. it's called "a perfectly good family," (i think) and it is a very deft examination of the dynamics between siblings. very well done.

Flowerpot said...

MissU - yes i loved a Spot of Bother too. We seeem to have the same taste!

Oh and thanks for the good news sharing!

AOJ - I've never got into science fiction but I loved the Time Traveller's Wife too. Amazing characterisation.

Mopsa - I thought I'd mentioned you at the beginning of my post. Senility setting in early on a Friday!

Flowerpot said...

Fiona - I must look up that book as we obviuosly like the same things. havent heard of Kate Long so will try and get something from the library. Thanks for the tip!

Em - sounds like you have a wide and varied taste in reading which is great. I agree with what you say - the important thing is to read and enjoy!

lane - I havent read Maggie O'F's latest - sounds good. Another wide reader!

Flowerpot said...

Sally - thanks. We will probably go to the pub for a swift half - have to be up early tomorrow so cant get too carried away!

Lady Thinker - I haent read Lark Rise for years but it was a favourite of mine. Thanks for reminding me.

laurie - the shriver one sounds fascianting. always interested in dynamics between siblings - very powerful.

And thanks to you all for kind thuoghts about HImself's PSA. Excuse typing bit hyper.

Rebecca Taunton said...

That's fantastic news FP. You've both got a lot to celebrate (and what with it being so close to his birthday too)!

As you know, I never limit myself to what I read. I like whatever happens to be written well!


Flowerpot said...

RT - 10/10 for remembering his birthday - you must have avery efficient diary!

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Congrats to Himself! That is terrific news and I'm sure a big relief all around.

I'm currently reading Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry on laurie's recommendation. It's wonderful, but weighs about twelve pounds, which is awkward, since,like you I mostly read in bed.

Oh, well. I'll manage.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news for you both. Enjoy the celebrations. I have to agree on the books about 30 somethings finding romance, they bore me too. Bridget Jones I couldn't stand. I prefer to read thrillers, murder mysteries. Especially ghost stories! Really scary ones!

Crystal xx

Flowerpot said...

corresopndent - havent read any by him but will give it a go. Like you dont like heavy ones n bed - so to speak!!

Crystal - funy how many have hd enough of chick lit. how abuot books for us?! Though I can't read ghost stories - wouldnt sleep a wink!!

Akelamalu said...

Great news about himself's tests!

I love biographies and thrillers, not keen on sci-fi and romance novels.