Monday, 1 October 2007

A new Arrival

‘He’s called Henry James, Pop.’

‘Who?’ Henry James? What the hell was he talking about? I was thinking Literary, as you would.

‘He was born last night. Six pounds – er – something. By Caesarian.’

‘Oh, you mean the baby!’ Himself’s nephew and his wife were expecting their first baby last Friday so we’ve all been a bit anxious (this is their first).

‘What else did Pete say?’ I asked, wanting to know a few more details – as you would.

‘Oh – he said that Daniel was shattered.’

The husband? What about the wife? But we’re talking about a man here – what can you expect?

‘Has Shelagh been told?’ I asked. (My sister in law in Vermont.)

‘Oh yes, Pete will have rung her. Or emailed.’ Himself frowned. ‘Probably.’

I knew what probably meant, so I emailed the expectant grand aunt (is she? I get rather confused on this sort of thing). Of course she hadn’t been told, but now she has, a beautiful hand knitted shawl is winging its way towards the new arrival. Lucky boy. I’m sure he’ll have more than enough of everything, but a hand knitted shawl by my SIL ( a professional knitter) will be something that will make him the envy of all.

Brothers, eh? Who’d have ‘em? But last night we raised a glass to young Henry.

And now I’m off to Truro to be poked and prodded Down There, as Himself says. Keep your fingers crossed.


Crystal Jigsaw said...

Congratulations on the new arrival.

You're in my thoughts today. Take care.

Crystal xx

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Good luck for today.

Mopsa said...

I know a young Henry James Boswell - how's that for literary (and a lovely chap too). Good luck with the prodding.

JJ said...

All the best to you.

Miss Understood said...

Good luck. I'll be sending you all my good vibes. x

Caroline said...

Great name. Hope your prodding is not too awful.

Lane said...

Congratulations flowerpot.
Take care:))

laurie said...

henry james! i see a house in rye in his future, and a long career as a thinker. congratulations.

and good luck at the dr. let us know.

Dee said...

Congratulations flowerpot!
Hope all goes well at the docs. Let us know.

Rebecca Taunton said...

Good luck FP, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you whilst you visit the doctors.

And congrats on the new arrival. Wonderful news.


The Rotten Correspondent said...

Congrats on the new baby.Men never do get all the important details.

I'm thinking of you today and hope it goes smoothly.

Flowerpot said...

First of all - ALL WENT WELL so many thanks to you all! More details tomorrow.

Crystal - many thanks for your thoughts.

AOJ - thanks toyou too.

Mopsa Henry James Boswell - wow! He could be pretentious with a name like that so glad he's not!

JJ - thanks to you too.

Flowerpot said...

thanks MissU - your vibes did the trick!

caroline - don't think we've met before. Lovely to meet you and please call back again!

lane - thanks m'dear. I'm fine now.

laurie - I know - sadly, I don't thinkhe was named with literary aspirations in mind. Still, I can but hope - his grannny's a writer!

Flowerpot said...

dee thanks for your thoughths, particularly as I still can't access your blog - v strange that.

RT - fine now just crampy so all is well.

correspondent - thanks for your thought also. Am very touched by all your kind thoughts and wishes.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Hope everything went well for you. Men really do think differently from women, don't they?

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Just read your comments. I think I know what you had done. I had it done some years ago. Not pleasant but necessary.

Akelamalu said...

Oh a new baby how wonderful!

Hope it all went well today in the nether regions. x

lady thinker said...

Glad to hear you are over the prodding and poking safely. Local anaesthetic can be bit dubious epsecially when the specialist says 'Now whatever you do DONT MOVE - if it gets painful tell me to stop!" Brings tears to my eyes at the memory ..... Took me a week to be able to walk properly..
Take care 8-). Hugs.

Lesley Rigby said...


I can see sand castles, crab hunting, and buckets and spades for you in the future.

I'm very glad to hear everything went well for you.

With Love, Lesley xx

Flowerpot said...

wakeup - yes, not pleasant but necessary! Well, in the long run it should improve matters. We hope!

Thank you, Ak. Nether regions are still in place so all is well.

lady thinker - I didn't get that but I did wonder how she was inserting that anaesthetic. I was too much of a wimp to ask.

thanks Lesley. Yes I look forward to teh sandcastle bit - though they live in Staffordshire so dont come down here much!