Wednesday, 29 July 2020

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth....

I was known as Rabbit at school (well, that was just one of my nicknames). Others were Flowerpot, Pot, Kit Kat, Kitten, Sex Kitten (that's another story), Puss, Sis, and a few others that have accrued over the years, for various reasons.

But I digress - the reason for Rabbit was that I've always had slightly sticking out front teeth due to an overcrowded mouth. I started wearing braces as a teenager but moved schools and the boarding school didn't want to have to take me to an orthodontist up there and as I was having a lot of trouble eating by this time, my Mum decided it was best to leave it.

I've always been very self conscious about my teeth, so I don't open my mouth when I smile. A few years ago I had to submit a load of publicity shots for my books and thought - oh my god, my mouth is really gappy. I had an unfortunate NHS dentist who whipped out a load of teeth in my forties, rather than try and save them.

So, having a very good (and, of course, expensive) private dentist, I was persuaded to have two implants. My dear Mum gave me money towards this so they are largely down to her. And they have made a big difference.

But my front teeth have always been a bit crooked and uneven. For ages a close friend kept saying how much difference it would make if I had them done (though I wasn't sure what could be done). So earlier this year I asked what could be done and how much it would be. Yes, a lot of money. But he very kindly said, "Would you like me to be Tooth Fairy? It'll make such a difference to your confidence."

Delighted, I said yes, and then Covid came along and everything was cancelled. But this morning I went along for my first appointment. Little did I know it would involve an hour's worth of drilling but I now have temporary front teeth and they look amazing! I'm so pleased I can't tell you.

As soon as I got home, with frozen mouth, I went round to see the Tooth Fairy, who was almost more delighted than me. "Take your glasses off," he said. "You look really beautiful." (He is biased.)

And, to keep it in the family, my next door neighbour is the dental technician who will make my teeth. "Come round to the lab and you can choose exactly what you want," he said.

So next week we're going to go and choose my front teeth. Or, as the French would say, "mes deux dents de devant".


Chris Stovell said...

How lovely! I'm so glad you're doing this for yourself - it's important. (I still flinch thinking about the insensitive emergency dentist who saw me after my accident in December and said, 'You're 62, what do you care?" And yes, I did complain about him. My own dentist repaired a small chip and told me the twisted teeth would realign themselves, and they did.) Wishing you very happy new teeth! x

ADDY said...

That's amazing. Let us know how you get on. I had a large rear molar extracted about two years ago and was also slowly coming round to the idea of an implant. Although you cannot see it, the gap is quite large and biting food that falls on my gum is quite painful. I had geared myself up to the idea of an implant this year when Covid happened. You have inspired me to go ahead again.

Flowerpot said...

Chris - that dentist should be shot. Wait till he gets to 62 and see how he feels. So glad your teeth have settled down - they make such a difference to how we feel, don't they? xx

Flowerpot said...

Addy - please do. I had implants done a few years ago and they are brilliant. Bloody expensive, but make such a difference!