Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Back to reality

Glad to get up and get going this morning. Couldn't relax or concentrate on anything last night so ended up taking Mollie for a walk at 10pm - brain still roaring with music. Today early start as Pip and Joe have to be at work at 8.30 for the next few days doing a demolition job. Pip isn't looking forward to it and Joe is not always the most cheery of companions. The other day he was bemoaning his gas bill and Pip said, 'one of the depressing facts of life, bills.'
'That and death,' said Joe. So you can see Pip's in for a week of great hilarity.
Very windy but sunny now so good for Helston Flora Day - that's another tune that's going through my head right now but makes a change from Oliver. Just realised that I have four novel writing competitions to enter by the end of this month so I must get my head down and edit current novel. Also resend out articles - having had a good stretch of selling some, have hit a desert where no one wants to buy any of them. Very depressing but perseverance is needed. Good to have a focus after the past few weeks. Onwards!

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