Friday, 4 May 2007

Publishing and the theatre

Given how much many of us enjoy the theatre, it seems strange that publishers apparently refuse books with a theatrical background. Several years ago I wrote one about a dancer called Roz and was told that despite having a good strong theme, etc, no publisher would touch it. Why? Presumably because they think it wouldn't sell. Personally, I love anything about dancers or actors - after all, we've all been in something, even if it's only the school play.

Last night there were no disasters other than the smoke machine being positioned right by my skirt in the Oom Pah Pah scene. As I have to stand still in that number, it meant that clouds of smoke were soon billowing up causing me, Paul and Demelza to start wheezing and choking as we sung. This was closely followed by Bil Sykes' number, My Name, where we have to stand, terrified, in case he pounces on us. In this instance, trying not to choke as more smoke ushered forth.
Still, two friends came and loved it. 'I never thought it would be so PROFESSIONAL!!!!' said Viv (she talks like that, in capital letters). Luckily she said that when the director was standing right next to us, so that was good. Incredibly gratifying when someone is that enthusiastic - like someone saying how wonderful your son/daughter is. Stayed on to have a drink with them after the show so once again crept in at 11.30pm to a frenetic greeting from Mollie and husband muttering in bed. I'll really miss this show.
I reminded husband that he would have his wife back as of Sunday and he grunted. 'Think I'd better find another show for you,' he said. Not sure if this is a compliment or not.....

Very good writing meeting this morning but a fraught journey back. I was trying to get Claire (other writing mate) back to Penryn to the doctor when we hit a road blockage caused by an accident just outside Truro. We then drove for the next 45 mins round the lanes trying to get to Penryn the back way. Made it just 5 minutes late but both feeling somewhat frazzled. Still, the hedges do look wonderful....

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