Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Daphne du Maurier festival

Husband is making a slow recovery, but had a few gins last night so is evidently improving. Poor fellow's face has caved in, he's lost half a stone in three days and his voice is gravelly and painful sounding. But he insists he's getting better, though he's extremely weak.
Tomorrow I am booked into a talk with Maria Macarthy, another writer and member of the Romantic Novelists Association. She's giving a talk on getting published (articles, principally, I think) at the Daphne du Maurier festival in Fowey, which couldn't come at a better time, as I'm having No Luck trying to sell the current batch of articles. The idea was that we should have a Family Day Out, as the walking's wonderful up there, and Pip and Mollie can have a walk/cup of coffee while I go to Maria's talk, then we check out Fowey and see what happened to our dear friend Jane's cottage. Sadly Jane died 2 years ago - she was an amazing woman who lived in an incredible cottage in Readymoney Cove crammed full of relics of her past. As her children live in the States, I presume they've sold the house but it will be interesting (or heartbreaking) to see what's happened to it. I suspect yet another second home, but don't get me started on Second Homes....
I'm concerned that Himself won't be up to this day out, but he looked at me yesterday and said, 'If Flowerpot's buying lunch, I'm getting there even if it's in an ambulance.'
So it looks like we're going to have lunch at the Rashleigh pub in Polkerris. In fact I did (rashly) suggest this some time ago, as I've set the current novel in Fowey and it will be good research. Added to which, the last time we went to that pub was our very first weekend together, when we were courting. So, bowels permitting (sorry to be so graphic), we'll be in Fowey tomorrow. If not, I shall go toute seule.

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