Saturday, 12 May 2007

An overnight celebration?

We spent several hours this morning with our elderly friend whose music system had broken down. We borrowed an old transformer from my brother in law then went off to try and fix the broken one. Poor James is so confused but after an hour and a half of getting nowhere we suggested that we get him a CD/tape/radio all in one that will be much easier for him to . He brightened visibly at the prospect of this, particularly when we said we'd show him how to use it. 'I can't think why you're so kind to me,' he said, I gave him a big hug and said, 'because we love you.' He returned the hug fiercely and we left him standing on the doorstep like a small boy. Lost and confused.
This afternoon we are heading off to a dog friendly pub in Mevagissey for the night as a delayed wedding anniversary celebration. The last time we did this (over a year ago) was not a success as Mollie decided she didnt like people coming in late at night and started barking. (She is not a barky dog, usually.) Suffice it t say that neither of us slept much - I lay there, rigid in case she started barking again, though she calmed down when everyone else went to sleep. At some point in the night or early morning, I stumbled to the loo and realised that Mollie had weed on the carpet. Again, not something that she ever does unless she's frightened or over excited. Luckily we'd brought some kitchen towels so I scrubbed at the offending patch until it was late enough for me to turn the hairdryer on (thoughtfully provided by the B&B) to dry it up. By the time I'd finished it looked as if it would pass muster and we crept downstairs to put Mollie in the car so we could have breakfast.
All in all it was a somewhat tiring weekend and put us off doing it again. I can only hope she behaves herself this time. It's an expensive way to lack sleep.

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