Friday, 11 May 2007

Mating Seagulls

Female seagulls never look as if they're having much fun when they mate - you can almost see them standing there, groaning, saying, 'oh, if you MUST. Get on with it, then.' But after weeks of frantic squawking and wing flapping (they do a lot of that when mating), our seagulls are nesting on the roof opposite, as they do every year.
My sister in law, who lives in Vermont, comes over every other year and charts the seagull family's progress. As she's not coming over till next year, and I know she reads this blog religiously, I will keep her posted, maybe with pictures as well.
Husband is one of the few people on the planet who adores seagulls (he used to have one called Bead who went fishing with him every day) and last night was seen feeding Mr Seagull dog biscuits out of the window. I gave him a Look and he said defensively, 'but it's raining, Pop, and he's got a family to bring up.' You can't argue with that, so I turned a blind eye to Mr Seagull trampling over my rain flattened pansies and trained the binoculars instead on Mrs Seagull, who is sitting on her usual nest. It must get incredibly boring sitting there for six weeks, not able to stretch her legs at all. I'd go demented. And then, when the eggs have hatched, she must live in a constant state of terror that someone or something is going to eat her babies. What a life - makes me very glad I'm not a seagull. Still, it would be lovely to fly.....

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