Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Thumbs Up

First of all, Himself's news. His PSA count (which is basically what measures the level of cancer in the body) is 1.4 - an increase, but only a tiny one, so he doesn't have to go back on any medication just yet. Hoorary! What was astonishing, though, was the consultant who not only looked brown and - yes, smiling - but had lost a lot of weight. As a result, his face is the shape of a pear shaped egg, and he must have new glasses for I realised he has really long eyelashes - those delicate, feathery ones that would look tremendous with mascara. He was pleased with Himself's progress (as he should be) and not only smiled at him, but at me. I was lost for words (a rare occurrence) but suspect that he might even have a glimmer of a sense of humour, as he made what might pass as a joke. (Excuse me while I go and lie down.)
In the course of our Chat - which took precisely 3 minutes, I timed it, he revealed that he has been dealing with prostate cancer for over 20 years. Can you imagine it? No, I'd rather not.

I then went on to have this root cleaning business which, being done under anaesthetic, was like going to the hygienist - when they scrape away with that whizzer thing that sprays water everywhere. But obviously she dug a lot deeper (I won't let overactive imagination delve too deeply into that) and at the moment I feel fine. Mind you, I'm still numb. My perception could change in an hour or so when I can feel again. Time for a glass of wine methinks....

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Cowbeech Sue said...

So glad everything went well. You had never gone into detail about Pip's health scare in your monthly scribes. I had sort of guessed it might be prostrate-related. Not such a big problem these days but a good excuse for the boys to keep a close eye on their things!