Thursday, 29 November 2007

Good news and 70s memories?

Good news on the medical front – Himself has now been discharged from Geoff’s care and has to report to Debbie, our wonderful cancer nurse in future. This means that he can hopefully go on to intermittent treatment and not take the hormone treatment all the time (Geoff is a bit old fashioned on that front, believing it better to play safe. What about saving the NHS some money? Himself’s drugs must cost quite a bit.)

Geoff was still of a sunny disposition, despite being the only consultant there yesterday meaning that he saw someone else’s patients as well. This meant waiting for over an hour in chairs that gave me chronic back ache.

But I noticed that his name badge has changed. He is no longer Geoff but GT and his badge is valid till 2012. Would he really still be there then? 2012 sounds such a long way off.

The other good news is that I sold the first piece on adenomyosis. For exactly the amount that it cost me to see Dr Gray privately, so that’s a good bit of irony.

So we went to the pub.

Now this morning I’m hoping to get back to Arthur who I’ve had to neglect in favour of journalism.

What I need is your memories of the late 1970s. Queen, David Bowie, that sort of thing. Punk on its way in.

What about make up and clothes? My memories are dim as a) I was in hospital for a lot of the time and b) I’ve never had any interest in fashion anyway. Google wasn’t much help so I’m appealing to you lot.

Where were you (if you’re old enough) and what were you doing and wearing in 1977?


Ellee Seymour said...

That's great news about Geoff's discharge.
I can't remember much about the 70s, but the Bay City Rollers and tartan springs to mind.

Flowerpot said...

Ah thanks ellee - yes all that tartan!!

Cornish Dreamer said...

That's brilliant news for Mr FP, I'm so glad. And congratulations for selling your adeno. piece. A great day for the both of you.

Sorry I can't help with the 70s theme...I was born in 79!


Lane Mathias said...

I was wearing an Afghan coat which smelt, men's shirts and beads. By 1979 I had morphed into a punk. Very different look:-)

Great news about himself!

Flowerpot said...

RT -thanks yes it is good news about Himself.

Lane - oh I can just smell those afghan coats now - great memory thanks!

laurie said...

hooray, hooray! glad to hear about his health.
and your sale.
good news abounds.
and don't worry about the NHS running out of money. keep himself healthy!

re the '70s: all i remember is that every woman and girl had long straight swingy hair (exept me), parted in the middle and hanging down past her eyes.

ribbed turtlenecks, low-slung belted bellbottoms,
no makeup.

Flowerpot said...

thanks for your good wishes laurie - as for the 70s, yes I remember that sheepdog look. I didnt have long hair either - never have had. Just unruly curls. Ribbed turtlenecks - yes another memory (hate turtlenecks!)

Akelamalu said...

Great news about himself! Fabulous that you sold your adeno piece. I like it that you went to the pub with the proceeds. :)

I was a mother in the 70's so the 'scene' passed me by a bit! Now I could tell you a bit about the 60's!

Flowerpot said...

Ak - thanks for that. Unfortunately I wont get paid for the piece for a while but I can look forward to spending the proceeds!

the rotten correspondent said...

Congrats on both the good health news and the article sale. Yahoo!

I went to a lot of concerts in the late 70's and everyone seemed to be wearing satin - pants, shirts, etc. I totally remember that look laurie is talking about since I spent half my life trying to achieve it and never could. Aargh.

Elaine Denning said...

Great news all round!

Ok, I was born in 68, so I was young in the seventies. I remember Starsky and Hutch, Charlies Angels and Jim'll Fix It on the telly. Top of the Pops Albums with really cheesey covers (and 45's, too). Smoked mirror-tiles, black and white lino and fake leather sofas. Bay City Rollers and Showaddywaddy (who I still love) were playing in my bedroom. Flares, tunic tops, wide belts and hair-pieces. Dramatic eye make-up.

The heatwave in '76 was blistering...I had so many ice creams that year! But 77 was even more memorable - it was the Silver Jubilee - and my Mum and Dad organised a street party, which ended with about 200 people in our back garden. Great times!

Grump said...

I was building Long Barn in Treen in 1976 and I concur it was a very hot summer. We all wore Jeans and T shirts most of the time. Every one knew someone who smelt of petunia oil and wore lots of beads. Home made bread was the go. If you want some ideas about fashion for the 70s google the bands that were playing then and look at their album covers and images from then. Even shows like top of the pops would have archival photos. Glad to hear health issues are on the improve.
Cheers Mark x

Irene said...

I don't remember the 70's very much, it is all a blur of small children and me trying to escape a sad marriage. I think I wore mini skirts, and bell bottom pants, but maybe that was earlier.

Flowerpot said...

rc - satin, thanks for that. That had certainly passed me by. Quickly making notes here.

MissU - yes I do remember that really hot summer. I was doing As at Exeter Tech (as it was then) and it was sweltering! But brilliant about 1977 - great idea. Quick - more notes!

Flowerpot said...

grump - thanks for that - I can remember the stinky petunia oil and beads. Also home made bread, lead like!!

sweet irene - bell bottom pants definitely. thanks for that also.

Em said...

In 1977 I turned six... I wore dungarees quite a lot and had a second hand bicycle with solid rubber tyres. I got a jubilee Tshirt... but was dead jealous of an older friend who got a jubilee chopper bike!!

We had moved in 1975 to a bungalow. Mum made Dad decorate the living room - shag pile purple carpet that ate my playmobil parts, and wallpaper with huge purple flowers. She also had a rather lovely purple jumpsuit thing - likewise with big flowers. Me, I had apron dresses for school (crimplene - yeuch!) and a huge flick, while my bro wore 12 hole Docs, concord collars and a parka. Dad had flares and huge sideburns. He drove a Vauxhall Cavalier saloon, which was considered posh I think - it was a company car.
I can probably come up with more, although my memories will be from someone possibly slightly smaller than you'd like!! I may even have photos...

Great news for Himself!! And congrats for selling one of your articles!