Thursday, 1 November 2007

Distrustful Words and Good news for Falmouth

Dennis Potter, dramatist (1935-1994)

Did any of you see the interview with Heather Mills McCartney last night? Well, I only saw a bit but that was enough for me. I’m afraid, cynic that I am, that none of that ‘Woe Is Me’ stuff worked on me.

I’m not usually that distrustful but there is something about her that causes alarm bells to ring. I’m sure she’s had a bad time but, like Victoria Beckham, she seems to have this desperate need to be in the press at every available opportunity, at the same time decrying that the media are ruining her life.

Sorry, girl. Doesn’t wash with me.

On to a brighter note, Falmouth has got the go-ahead to build a 300 berth marina down at the docks.

The £5m development will have a 600 metre long floating breakwater suitable for housing boats and yachts, facilities for showers and parking for 300 cars.

The construction is due to be completed by April next year in time for Falmouth to host the Tall Ships race later in the year.

Good news for Falmouth. If any of you fancy a trip to Cornwall, come and see the Tall Ships – it’s a sight that will take your breath away.


Penny Pincher said...

I totally agree re Heather Mills - saw enough last night to put me off my tea. talk about strange body language and then I hear she went the rounds - all day interviews. I'm not a great fan of Paul Mccartney but I hope he gets sway with giving her ther minimum amount.

The Tall Ships must be a lovely sight to see >> will have to try and get down to view. It's part of the image I always picture in my minds eye when 'Sailing By' is played last thing at night on Radio 4.

Flowerpot said...

I'm glad it's not just me, lady thinker. And I've just had an email from my SIL in Vermont saying the same thing. Hope you can get down for Tall Ships - get in touch if you do!

Cornish Dreamer said...

I didn't watch the Heather Mills thing. I wonder why she feels she has to explain herself to an entire nation by way of press. There are other ways of expressing yourself.

As someone coming from the industry side, I remain sceptical that this will be a good thing for the docks. It will mean a reduction in the amount of work brought in via ships eventually meaning in a downturn of business and loss of jobs to follow.

It is the age-old war of closing down industry in favour of the "service industry".

I also remain highly sceptical that they will have it completed by April next year...they haven't even finished destroying the old wharfs yet!

Still, the tall ships are a fantastic sight and I can't wait to see them all.

Flowerpot said...

RT - be thankful you didnt see Heather M last night! She seems to be all over every news bulletin, radio station and paper. As for the docks - so many people I know haven't got work down at the docks anyway, or have left and quite a lot of the ships bring their own workers don't they? It will mean buiding a new service road and everything - can't begin to get my head round the practicalities of it all. And yes, I agree that it will be a miracle if it is all ready by next April.

the rotten correspondent said...

Heather Mills is one of those people who sets my teeth on edge anyway. And that's before she goes "spilling her guts" to the world.

I think she's done quite well for herself actually. I'm just not sure why.

Flowerpot said...

Seem to have touched a nerve here with Heather Mills. I think she'll come out of it all very nicely - certainly financially.

Mid-lifer said...

i agree. Most uncomfortable seeing HM on the news - but in a way heartened to see that when she gets emotional her voice goes all horrid and high pitched like mine - such that no-one takes you seriously at all but merely switches off.

Flowerpot said...

mid-lifer, yes I heard that high pitched squeal too. Mine goes up to a top C when I get really mad, and Himself always says, 'you're squeaking,' which of course only makes me more mad.

Ellee Seymour said...

Great quote from Dennis Potter.

I'm afaid HMills is her own worst enemy, she should know when to keep her mouth shut, she is married to a pop idol who had a great marriage before, he simply cannot do wrong, while she is perceived as a gold digger, despite her good charity work for landmines.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Yes, I love that Dennis Potter quote. Love Dennis Potter, period. As for Heather Mills, here in Canada they showed a clip from the interview on our news and it was embarassing. Yay about the marina. We have the Tall Ships here in Halifax and I'm glad Falmouth will be able to, as well.

Flowerpot said...

ellee seymour - good to meet you and please pass this way again! yes I agree with what you say about Heather M. I did have some sympathy with her when I first heard her on Desert Island Discs I think ages ago but it's all gone now (the sympathy I mean!)

Flowerpot said...

Julia - glad to hear you have Tall Ships in Halifax too. It's a wonderful sight indeed.

Akelamalu said...

Great news for Falmouth, not so great news for Lady Mucca - no-one believes her!

Hannah Velten said...

Rather late in commenting, but I'm glad to hear that Falmouth has some good news...finally. I lived in Stithians, and had a business in Falmouth, a few years ago, and it's lovely to see that the town has got something new to cheer about. The novel that I'm writing is also set in Falmouth (c.1870s) so I still feel attached to the place!