Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Obsessions and Elizabeth I

This cornet business is becoming something of an obsession and believe me we can neither afford one nor have we got room, in a one bedroom flat, to store musical instruments.

As I write, Himself is crouched over his laptop, poring over ebay (oh no), though he assures me that he’s actually going to sell one of the cornets. The one he’s fallen out with, that he bought last month. Oh fickle man. I won’t hold my breath until I see it despatched, though. I know what he’s like.

He’s been so excited over the most recent arrival in the cornet family that he’s completely switched off from normal life. He forgot to put petrol in the car on Saturday so on Sunday we drove round for an hour with it on Very Empty. Then he forgot to take the bottles to the bottle bank (which he drove straight past). He forgot to bring the newspaper back from the workshop, and forgot to make two important phone calls. This morning he forgot to put the rubbish bins out.

When he's home, he spends the entire time either playing the cornet, or he sits and gazes at it with starry eyes, stroking it. Every now and then he'll take both from their boxes and admire them, side by side. Let's hope this honeymoon period is over soon. For my sake as well as our neighbours who have to endure increasing hours of cornet practice (sorry RT).

On another note, we had a girls night out last night and met for a few drinks before going to see the latest film about Elizabeth I last night. There were some fairly gruesome scenes, but Cate Blanchett never disappoints, and neither did the cast list. We were riveted. Despite the fact that she was supposed to be in her fifties at the time and looked a lot younger, she was well portrayed I thought. A sympathetic mixture of steely ambition and thwarted desire; someone who needed to be loved and never had the chance.

I also noticed that she has a very masculine profile – that very long nose and wide mouth. Very apt given the fact that she was playing one of the most powerful women in the world at that time.

If it's on near you, I thoroughly recommend it.


Rebecca Taunton said...

Glad you enjoyed your night out FP, the movie sounds wonderful. I'll wait til it's out on dvd.

I hate to say this, but we actually enjoy the sound of MR FP's music drifting over the wall to our house. It wouldn't quite be the same without it...still, I can understand why you're annoyed! It must be very frustrating.

RT :@)

Flowerpot said...

As long as you don';t mind it that's the main thing. Though last night he went on for a Long time I thought. And I find it difficult to concentrate if I'm working! Do get the DVD of the film though - really good.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

I will definitely keep an eye out for that film. I love Cate Blanchett.

With any luck Himself will get back into the living world once he gets used to having his new toy. Here's hoping, anyway...

Ellee Seymour said...

I sympathise re the musical instruments and Ebay, something my husband is obsessed with too. At least he isn't a drummer.

I also enjoyed Elizabeth, did you know my husband was an extra in the scenes filmed in Ely Cathedral near our home?

Flowerpot said...

rc - yes I'm a great fan of Cate Blanchett's. Yes, I hope husband reappears in the real world soon. He's cooking as I write, and has actually taken his eyes off the cornet for about an hour - gasp.

ellee - ebay should have a government health warning on it I think. Hope your husband enjoyed being an extra!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, happy cornet playing! Hope you don't get the environmental health knocking on your door!!! Thanks for the recommendation for Elizabeth I. I absolutely love historical films so this one will be a definite.

Crystal xx

Sweet Irene said...

I was wondering if I wanted to see the new film about Elizabeth, but now you have me thinking that maybe I should. I normally don't like historic drama, but may make an exception here. I saw the previews and it looked quite impressive.

Akelamalu said...

I think you need to confiscate the cornet to get him back on track! ;)

Philipa said...

A sympathetic mixture of steely ambition and thwarted desire; someone who needed to be loved and never had the chance.

Ooh I like that.

Flowerpot said...

Crystal - thankfully all is quiet at the moment! Hope you enjoy Elizabeth.

Sweet Irene - I'm not a huge fan of costume drama either but this is so good I really would recommend it.Just shut your eyes at the gory bits!

Flowerpot said...

Ak - now that's a good idea. But as I speak he's advertising the one that's fallen out of favour on ebay - so that's one down!!

Philipa - thanks for that!