Monday, 26 November 2007

He's In Love (and so is Mum)

8.15 on Saturday morning, the doorbell rang. Himself went to open the door and emerged, beaming, with a huge cardboard box.

Another cornet.

He fell in love with this one on ebay last week, bid for it and got it for a knockdown price of sixty five quid (plus postage).

‘What’s the matter with the other one?’ I said.

‘Nothing, Pop, but every musician has two instruments.’


‘Well, what if someone stands on it or something?’
Not being in the habit of standing on musical instruments, I hadn’t thought of that.

Ever since he sent the cheque off he’s been in a fever of suspense, saying, ‘How long does it take for a cheque to clear?’ and ‘I wonder how he’s sent it – do you think I might get it this week? Or next week. Perhaps Monday – or Tuesday.’ And so on.

So when it arrived this morning, he was very much the proud father. ‘Oh, look, Pop,’ he said, stroking it lovingly. ‘I can’t tell you how wonderful this is.’ And then, ‘This is beautiful Pop – look.’ This refrain was repeated often during Saturday and the other cornet has been cast aside for the moment.

Oh, fickle men.

On the other hand, my mum came to stay for the weekend and we gave her the laptop. I’d already been told by my youngest brother that she was very apprehensive, and I thought OH NO. But Himself gave her some lessons and by the time she left yesterday, she had sent her first email and was positively skittish about it. She’s going to get set up at home next week (very busy social life this week) and is going to go to the library for some lessons, and when I suggested she bring the laptop down for Christmas, she said, ‘What a good idea! I can only thank you for such a generous gift. I should have done this years ago.’

So, fingers crossed…..


Lane said...

Aw bless them both:-)
I bet himself left glowing Ebay feedback and your mum has a whole new world waiting for her:-)

Rebecca Taunton said...

Aw bless, love at first sight. I hope he finds the cornet to be everything he wanted, and I hope your Mum has few problems with her new electronic gadget.

Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

Cornets and laptops eh?! Both equally creative in right hands!

laurie said...

ah, but those are worthy things to fall in love with.

re your mum: i wish doug's mom would consent to a computer. it would be so easy for her to stay in touch with her ailing, aging sister, and with us. but she just shakes her head and says she's sure she'd never be able to figure it out.

laurie said...
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Flowerpot said...

lane - I dont think it's occurred to him to leave ebay feedback. This is his First Purchase!!

Flowerpot said...

RT - yes the trouble is he keeps ON falling in love.... Am sure Mum will enjoy it once she gets going.

Graham - er yes. What about the wrong hands?!

laurie - yes it's fear of technology isn't it? Shame because I'm sure doug's mom would love it if only she would get used to it. Maybe if she had a go with someone else's computer????

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Isn't it nice to have two such happy people in your life? It's a good thing Himself didn't get the laptop and your mom the cornet by mistake.

I'd fallen way behind in my blog reading this past week, but am now all caught up. I'm sorry you won't be posting more of your story, but I completely understand why. I will be happily in line for it when it hits the stores, check in hand.

Akelamalu said...


Great to hear you've dragged your Mum into this century. I wonder if I can persuade my dad now he's not got his hip operation to worry about??? :(

Flowerpot said...

correspondent - yes, I hadnt thought of that! Thanks for encouragement re the book. Means a lot!

Ak - yes, you could always suggest it. Am sure he'd love it once he got going...

Miss Understood said...

I am SO pleased for your Mum. She even came up in conversation at my house on Friday when my Mum visited. She had to take early retirment due to ill health, and doesn't get out much these days. Her social life has taken such a knocking, and because she isn't physically capable of doing much, a laptop would be wonderful for her. Of course, she gave me a million and one excuses, but I said "If FP's Mum can do it, then you can!"

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a lot on your plate!!

Crystal xx

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Another cornet!? LOL!!

Sweet Irene said...

It's amazing how happy people become about computers once they learn to use them. They realize it really is all very magical and they can do it too. I remember what a nincompoop I was at first and how much I know now. You learn a little every day and suddenly you are almost a pro. Well, maybe not quite, but you know your way around.


Dee said...

I'm happy for Himself. It's a rather nice hobby that he has, and I love musical people (there's a baby grand piano in our house, instead of a dining table and chairs ;)
And the delights of ebay.. be careful... very addictive ;)

And I think your mom should be proud of herself for giving it a go. Let's hope she gets hooked.

Flowerpot said...

MissU - I do hope my mum can encourage yours - it would make such a difference. Fingers crossed.

Crystal - well, maybe. Life has a tendency to be like that though - and I know you have also!

AOJ - yes, I just hope he doesnt keep on buying them. Sigh..

Flowerpot said...

Sweet Irene - yes you're quite right. I hope mum finds that very soon!

Dee - yes music is wonderful - we both walk round singing different things! But yes I can see ebay is very addictive. Oh god...