Tuesday, 6 November 2007

A Television Rant

On Danuta Kean’s blog this morning - danutakean.com (blogger won’t let me embed links) I read that Richard and Judy are to be axed. (If you read the Channel Four website it is worded slightly differently of course.) They are, however, keeping the book show. What is the world coming to? Richard and Judy have become an institution. It's one of the few shows that Himself will watch.

But on to matters closer to my heart. Last night was the last episode of Doc Martin, the programme based in the fictitious Cornish village of Port Wenn, featuring Martin Clunes as the grumpy Doc who may or may not get together with the lovely schoolteacher Louisa.

This programme is one of the few that has had me increasingly hooked over the years, for several reasons. The script has a gentle sense of humour, and Martin C’s brilliant sense of timing shows that off to full effect. It is pure escapism – the sun always shines in Port Wenn – and yet the problems that the characters face are all real. Most of all, I love Doc Martin because he is the antithesis of most Heroes. He is grumpy, speaks his mind and has absolutely no bedside manner at all. And yet, he is a brilliant doctor, despite his aversion to blood.

And I’m not the only one to think this. Last week’s show attracted over 9.3million viewers and I would guess there was in increase last night when the couple were due to be married.

However, Himself disagrees. He thinks Doc is an ar******le and when last night’s fix ended in the couple not getting hitched, he was delighted.

‘Why would anyone want to marry an idiot* like that?’ he said ‘It’s a terrible programme, Pop, I can’t think why you watch such rubbish*.’

(*Idiot and rubbish weren’t quite the words he used).

And yet he could have gone to bed early. Did he? Did he hell. He sat and watched every minute, just as I did.

I was bitterly disappointed by last night’s ending. My hopes had been built up (along with over 9 million other people) and I wanted them to get married. My expectations were foiled, and I felt badly done by. Jilted. Yes, all this over a TV programme. Sad, isn’t it?

Presumably this was done to pave the way for another series. After all, if Doc and Louisa married, there would be no story. Or would there? I don’t actually see how they can continue the show having gone this far. But who knows? They have such a hit on their hands I’m sure they have a good plan up their sleeves.

But I went to bed disgruntled and woke up disgruntled. I’d been cheated of my happy ending. And I don’t expect my reaction is unique.

So, for all those that sneer at Romance – think again. It sells. It makes us happy. After all, there’s enough doom and gloom in the news – who wants more? What’s the matter with a bit of healthy escapism?


Philipa said...

Great post Flowerpot - I too love Doc Martin and watched in a slowly creeping expectation as louisa was surrounded by negativity before finally ending it in what I thought to be a controlled and very sad fit of temper. I wonder if you noticed what Doc Martin said? That he wasn't going to turn up becuase he didn't think he could make her happy, not that she didn't make him happy. That stupid vicars words (when with the pig) rattled Doc and worked on his insecurities.

If only he would get over his anal retentive reticence to communicate (and she would stop going off like an affronted rocket - hmn). Communication is the key and I'll be watching the next series.

I wonder how many couples sit in near silence in the same house whilst desperately trying to communicate with strangers on the net? Just a thought that occured to me - it's sometimes not the easiest thing to communicate with someone you value.

Philipa said...

PS: blogger should let you embed links - I do on mine.

Flowerpot said...

thanks Philipa - though I've tried to click through to your blog and am unable to, so please let me know what the address is! Yes I did note what Doc Martin said - so they both loved each other but both had doubts about being able to make each other happy. Hmmm. But yes I shall be glued to the next series - and with ratings like that there must be another one. And I quite agree about communication. One of the hardest things in the world.

Flowerpot said...

PS Yes I do what it tells me to to embed something and the hyperlink comes up fine but then when I print the post, nothing comes up. Very odd. Anyone else any ideas?

Akelamalu said...

I felt exactly the same way Flowerpot - totally disappointed!

Fantastic series it was though, even MWM was hooked on it.

Don't know whether I've asked you this before but does PortWenn exist or does it go by another name do you know? I would so love to visit there. :)

Ellee Seymour said...

I'm a sucker for romance too. I missed Doc Marten, and am a Martin Clunes fan. Don't you wonder what these actors are like in real life to live with? Do you imagine them in character all the time?

Miss Understood said...

I love Martin Clunes, but never saw a single episode. I really should turn this damn computer off and watch a bit of telly sometimes!

Lane said...

I didn't see it but I know what you mean. If I invest time and emotion into a programme I want a satisfying ending. Grr

Flowerpot said...

ak - Glad it's not just me! Yes, Port Wenn is actually Port Isaac - well worth a visit but probably better to go out of season.

ellee - I think one of Martin Clunes' attractions is that he seems very 'normal' - in that he seems very down to earth. I can imagine him digging the garden or going to the pub. And he has a lovely dog so he's in my good books already!

Flowerpot said...

MissU - you missed a treat. Still, hopefully there will be another series. Ill watch anything with Martin Clunes in.

Flowerpot said...

lane - yes, endings are so important I think.

MarmiteToasty said...

I didnt watch this programme but I do love Martin Clunes.....

Ive been to Port Issac and its GORGIOUS out of season :)

Cornwall is my most favourite place in the UK.... and oneday I would love to live in a little cottage preferably the north rugged side :)

love your blob....


Flowerpot said...

marmite - lovely to meet you and please call this way again soon. Glad to meet another Martin C fan (and Cornwall for that matter!)