Thursday, 8 November 2007

A Singing Flowerpot

This morning I woke up singing.

The song was, “I’m not at all in love, not at all in love, not I…” a wonderful romp of a song that gathers you up and swings you along, feet in the air, like a child.

Our first rehearsal of Pyjama Game (the musical) was last night and this was one of the songs.
It’s been six months since we performed Oliver which was the first musical I’ve done with Falmouth Theatre Company, and I loved it. I was in the chorus and had a wonderful time. Was bereft when it was over.

And now we’re starting all over again, right from the beginning, with a new musical director, producer, choreographer and pianist.

I wasn’t looking forward to it last night as I’d had One of Those Days. I was so tired I felt weepy (mood swings I fear), my back and legs ache from the side effects of the coil which means it’s very difficult getting comfortable, and I’d had a rejection from an agent for the last novel. Then one of my friends who’d been in Oliver rang up to say she’d decided not to take part in Pyjama Game as she’d got the video out again and just couldn’t get excited about it. And the kids were in Snow White so she felt it was their turn this time. She was really sorry.

I understood, of course, but my heart sank. I thought, it won’t be the same without her. (We were partners in crime in Oliver and had a good laugh which is vital. The others are pleasant but not on the same wavelength if you know what I mean.)

Also, we’d seen the video together and I wasn’t that struck either. My sense of doom increased. But I’d said I’d take another friend and introduce her, so I had to go. And thank God I did. She’s been having a bad time recently so it cheered her up, and as for me – well, it was marvellous just to sing again. Last night we sang through most of the major songs and I thought, YES!

I’m no singer – I mean, I’ve sung in choirs, but I’m not trained or anything. But even I can tell when I hit the right notes.

It was wonderful last night. Our voices took off like a flock of birds, soaring high into the air. Up and down we hovered, in and out, and all the time the music lifted us, brought us back down, swept over and under, and all that exhaustion went. We were alive again.

It’s like flying with your feet on the ground.

It reminded me how important confidence is. When I have it, I take it for granted. When it lapses, it leaves me floundering, like a bird with a broken wing.


Aoj and The Lurchers said...

Well good for you Miss Cheerful!! There's nothing quite like waking up with a song in your heart. Cheers up the cockles no end!!

And isn't it just the way that when you really do not want to go somewhere but have to, you end up having a ball!?

Flowerpot said...

AOJ - yes, you're quite right. Sometimes you just have to push yourself, make that extra effort and yes - its worth it!

laurie said...

how wonderful to have this kind of a release. i'm sorry about your novel but it's great to hear that you're flying high despite.

Cornish Dreamer said...

That's great FP, so glad you enjoyed it after having a bad day. I can't wait to see this performance, the last one was brilliant.

I hope you're feeling better and having a good day today.

RT x

Jenny Beattie said...

I think singing is fabulous for mood - it's great therapy and I'm glad it cheered you.

Philipa said...

It reminded me how important confidence is. When I have it, I take it for granted. When it lapses, it leaves me floundering, like a bird with a broken wing.

What a good way to put it Flowerpot, I know what you mean.

Singing is life affirming isn't it? I just hated the way one clergyman said that those who didn't have a good voice shouldn't sing, that God deserved the best. I didn't think that was what Christianity was about but obviously I was in error. I would trade a recording of a professional voice for the standing in front of me sound of someone enjoying a song with their heart and soul any day. I've seen some great amateur productions and enjoyed every minute.

I'm sure you'll be great :-)

Anonymous said...

A lovely cheery blog. I love singing too, when I'm alone.

Crystal xx

Akelamalu said...

It's like when you're really not looking forward to an evening out and you don't know why - then BAM it turns into the best night out you've had for yonks!

Flowerpot said...

laurie - singing is good. got another rejection today so feeling very down but that song is still there thank god.

RT - so how was the exam or dont I ask?

thanks JJ - yes it is great therapy. And a very cheap form of entertainment!

Flowerpot said...

Philipa - confidence is such a fragile thing. But singing isn't, thankfully and yes a good am dram production can be wonderful - for audience and cast.

crystal - glad it cheered you!

ak - I quite agree. Funny how life can do that to you. And something that you've looked forward to for ages goes completely flat!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

My high school did 'Pajama Game' and it's a wonderful memory for me. I played 'Mabel'. Hope you have fun with your production!

Elaine Denning said...

I'm so pleased for you! You're gonna love it. It's good for the soul. x

Flowerpot said...

Julia - glad to know of someone who's enjoyed Pajma Game - I don't know enough about it to know who Mabel is yet but it sounds good!

Flowerpot said...

MissU - yes, it's good fun. hard work but verygood for the soul!

Lane Mathias said...

Sorry about the rejection flowerpot but there's nothing like a bit of singing to lift your mood:-)
Good luck with it!

Flowerpot said...

thanks Lane - and hope you get some writing time in too!