Monday, 27 August 2007

Awards and Cat Update

Many thanks indeed to The Rotten Correspondent (who is anything but) for two very special awards – The Thoughtful Blogger and Nice Matters. I have just spent what felt like hours trying to upload the s**ing images onto my blog but BT won’t let me. AAAGH. I have also spent another 2 hours on the phone talking to another BT engineer who had various suggestions but couldn’t fix the problem.

However, I am very honoured and grateful for the awards, which would look even nicer on my blog but we won’t go there. I suppose Bussie is in part responsible but as he is neither thoughtful nor nice, I won’t pass one on to him. I would pass on the honours but I’m having more problems than ever with BT today, so that will have to wait until I can contact other people again. Bear with me.

As promised, here’s the Cat Report. I’m glad to report that His Lordship is improving steadily which is more than can be said for my temper. Three times I’ve tried to add comments to my blog and each time BT has refused to publish them. So your comments are deeply appreciated – and I did respond individually, but you’ll have to take my word on that.

Bussie’s fan club was on the phone last night – his aunt from Vermont – yes, I did say Vermont. As in America (not Canada, as the local travel agent thought). And his uncle from the other side of Falmouth, both ringing to check on Bussie’s wellbeing. My sister in law (from Vermont), who is an avid reader of this blog, and has got all her friends onto it, spread the word apparently on Saturday night.

‘He’s back!’ she told all her friends. ‘Check out the blog!’ So news travelled far and wide. I hope Bussie appreciates how many people have been hanging on, wondering where the hell he is.

Since I last posted, he’s been in several times, and his eyes are back to normal and he’s much steadier on his feet. He’s still not eating but wanders over to Mollie’s water bowl, drinks from it and sits, as if he’s expecting something and isn’t sure what. I’ve tried offering him food but he won’t have it – not even his favourite tuna. So he must still be suffering.

He wanders in and sits in the kitchen (he won’t go any further and I’m not going to force him) as if he knows he’s come in for something and, like our elderly friend James, finds the words have disappeared. Perhaps he’s trying to find his old self and finds that he’s gone as well.

On the plus side, he could reinvent himself. I can see him, in a month’s time, giving lectures around the neighbourhood. ‘How to get over a car crash and reinvent your life!’ or ‘Bored with your life? Get a new one!’ He has that supercilious air that would make him a good lecturer.

Anyway, he’s been in and out three times this morning and it’s only 10.30, and just now we had a tummy rub in the sunshine and a deep throated PURR, so I’m much encouraged and deeply relieved.

In case you think Moll has been forgotten, far from it. With this wonderful weather, we’ve been swimming twice and she’s had a whale of a time. So good, in fact, that she adopted Bussie’s entrance to the garden – which involves a series of wooden springboards that Himself made – and escaped early this morning. Luckily I have good hearing and heard strange claws on the wood outside. I jumped out of bed and sure enough, there was Mollie half way up the steps. She looked somewhat abashed that her adventuring had been cut short but came back with a good grace. We’ve now had to remove the bottom rung so that her Ladyship can’t flee the nest. One animal going walkabouts is quite enough for one week.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday, everyone, as I will now my family’s coming home to roost.
Just don't mention BT....


the rotten correspondent said...

Don't you just hate technology? Well, hate it and love it? I'm too dependent, is my problem. When the internet starts acting up I get all twitchy and sarcastic until it gets fixed. Whenever that may be.

I'm so glad His Majesty is coming around and that you even got a big purr out of him. Does he realize that you've made him famous?

laurie said...

flowerpot, can you just drag the awards off of RC's blog onto your desktop? and then add them to your sidebar the usual way?

here's what i do: drag them to the desktop, upload them to the picasa album that blogger makes you have, and then click on the "link to this picture" and add it to your sidebar.

if yo've tried this and it doesn't work, ignore me. if you haven't tried this and want better instructions, email me. (on my profile.)

awards must be flaunted!!!

your kitty sounds like he's getting much better. he'll eat. i promise.

laurie said...

ps too funny about mollie's escape.

BreadBox said...

Huge relief that all is well again.
Except for BT of course, but what can you expect from them?


Flowerpot said...

correspondent - yes, I'm just like that. twitchy as hell till it gets fixed! Will ring my techie fellow when it's a decent hour and get him on teh case - or else! I think HM's fame is starting to go to his head...

Laurie - thanks, I will try that when things are abit better on the BT front - the speed has slowed down so much I can't upload any pictures at all!

Breadbox - yes, it's such a relief that Bussie is improvign. He even had a nibble of food last night.

Cornish Dreamer said...

I've had so many blog-entries to catch up on! Both me and ET are so happy that Buster has returned. And so glad to hear that he's starting to eat again. I hope that his health keeps improving.

It's a shame about your internet connection. Technology can be so frustrating sometimes. I hope it gets fixed soon.


Akelamalu said...

It's so maddening when technology lets you down.

So glad that Bussie is back properly now, but it does sound as though he's confused, maybe he did get a bang on the head?

Flowerpot said...

Ak - yes, I think it must have been a bump on the head. Poor fellow - I wish he could talk!

tim relf said...

You mentioned in one blog posting that you were worried you might be driving non-cat lovers away, keeping on referring to the cat.
Do such people really exist!
Glad to hear the cat's improving. They're such adorable creatures - but such a worry aren't they.

fergy said...

I haven't had much time to stop by lately - in fact been working my tail off since vacation in late July - but I am so glad to read that Bussie's doing better. Big purrs and good vibes from us!