Friday, 31 August 2007

Falling in Love

This wasn’t written to keep you in suspense – honest. But time was against us.

The good news is that Bussie is in love. The bad news is that he’s still not eating.

The object of his affections is, I would say, in her mid thirties with a very expensive looking wedding ring, (platinum at a guess), long dark hair, chocolate brown eyes and hands that stroke and beguile. She’s called Helena.

Green coated Helena met us at the vet last night, called, ‘Buster’, and instantly he was angelic submission. Never seen anything like it. It turns out he’s been in a bad fight, is covered in scabs (at least they’ve healed) and has an abscess and a temperature. No wonder he’s off his food.

Of course I was full of remorse that we should have taken him up earlier (particularly given Helena’s wonderful ministrations), but she said that it probably hadn’t made any difference. (I think she was being kind.)

So Bussie had a long term antibiotic jab, another one to reduce pain and anti-inflammatory and she hoped he’d start eating soon. If not, to bring him back on Saturday morning. (I’m going away for the weekend which could be tricky.) I left the vet nearly £50 worse off but glad that he was on the mend.

We got back and – hoorah! – Bussie had a very small bowlful of food. Since then he hasn’t had anything, not even water, so I’m worrying again, but at least he came in and slept on our bed last night (we’re keeping him in till lunchtime as advised by the lovely H, to his silent fury).

We got home then had to feed animals and change before being Taken Out for dinner at the Greenbank, a hotel at the bottom of the hill with a restaurant overlooking the harbour. The reason? A dear friend’s father is staying there and wanted to take his two daughters and us out to celebrate his birthday, which was last night. Well – how could we refuse? (And why would we?)

We were a bit late as Himself had to have several Large Ones before going out, ‘because I’ve been worried about Bussie, Pop.’ As if I hadn’t been. Just before we left, he split his wine all over the paper and over his new trousers. It looked as if he’d wet himself. I snorted unsympathetically while Himself mopped himself up and walked, rather stiff legged, down to the hotel.

We had a wonderful evening (trying not to look at the eye watering prices on the menu) and, fortified by excellent company, wonderful food, and the fact that he’d already had half a bottle of wine, Himself didn’t feel the need to overindulge in wine with dinner, but contented himself with a mere two or three glasses and thoroughly enjoyed himself. There was a moment, towards the end of the evening, when he started singing The Sheik of Arabi, which is always a dangerous moment, but Mel and I quickly shut him up and all was well.

So we didn’t get back till about 10.30 feeling utterly spoilt. It’s a long time since I’ve had such great food (I had beetroot and goats cheese souffle) and the wine was out of this world.

What was even better was that the animals hadn’t fallen out, and Bussie spent part of the night on our bed again. I just have to get him to eat now.

If we win the lottery I’ll take him down to the Greenbank and tempt him there. But I might have a Plan B just in case.


Em said...

Hmmm... first Mollie and Mollie have a similar thing at the same time, now Sammy and Bussie have parallel vet treatments... glad to hear that Bussie should be on the mend soon. It took a couple of days for the jabs to kick in with Sammy, but now he's eating for England to make up for lost time. And the extra cost of the antibiotic jab more than makes up for the lack of tablets, IMHO!! Big hugs to Bussie.

Your night out sounds fantastic - I want that souffle!!! Might have to see if I can find a recipe and experiment...



Flowerpot said...

thanks for that Em - very cheering that it took Sammy a few days to recover. I've let Bussie out now and he's sleeping in his den in the garden so guess he's still got a temperature.

If you find a recipe for that souffle let me know - it was wonderful!

Lesley Rigby said...

You certainly have a gift for writing! There should be a television programme based on you and "Himself"! I don't know you but I do in such a short time and you do make me laugh!
I am so glad Bussie has been diagnosed and hopefully will be finding his own way back to visit his true love in a few days time. How about 3 blogs a day?

Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased that Bussie's on the mend - hopefully he'll be eating like a piglet soon.

You tales of 'Himself' are indeed a joy....!

Flowerpot said...

hello you rigbys! I'm delighted I have managed to make you smile. Too much time to be miserable in life, I say. Many thanks for your complimentary words - I'm very chuffed. Sadly I don't know any TV producers - actually I do, but I don't now that a series on me and Himself would be prime time watching. But who knows?
As for 3 blogs a day - well I am trying to write some articles and a book. They sort of take time.

the rotten correspondent said...

I'm so happy to hear that Bussie is on the mend and that's he's found love in the process. Perhaps you could take a photo of the magnificent Helena to use as a bribe if he ever has to go in again. Couldn't hurt.

If anyone does find the recipe for that souffle sign me up. Yum!

You do tell such a wonderful story. I feel like I was right at the next table!

laurie said...

50 pounds doesn't sound like much; we never get out of hte vet for less than a hundred dollars, or more.

poor bussie. a fight! what mysterious lives our animals live. off in their own strange animal world, even though they come to us for food and water and a bed for the night.

he ate once--he'll eat again.

and i think i WAS at the next table. i distinctly heard someone singing last night...or maybe it was jsut this blog.

Daniele said...

Fingers crossed for Bussie. Hope she'll be eating as per usual soon!
And what a nice night out! You deserve it.

Cornish Dreamer said...

I can only imagine one particularly sour-face cat in the neighbourhood that would pick on Bussie. Poor Bussie, but at least he's eaten a bit and has been in the care of a good vet.

The meal sounds lovely. Glad you had a treat.

Flowerpot said...

correspondent - a picture of helena is a wonderful idea. Now all I need do is find someone that Mollie can fall in love with at the vet's and that will be her phobia conquered. Any ideas?

laurie - ah yes, did the singing sound - er - slightly off key? That was him. He polished off the rest of teh bottle when we came home. Did he admit to a hangover? Did he hell.

Dee - yes I'm sure he'll be eating soon - adnd yes it was a lovely treat for us.

RT - yes, you've got the right cat I think. I wish Bussie could talk though...

Akelamalu said...

Good to hear Bussie is on the mend. Your evening out sounds divine but I had to laugh when you said Himself started singing The Sheik of Arabi. LOL

Penny Pincher said...

Well what a relief - 'just a £50 abcess - I was worried that he had failing internal organs or something . Enjoy your weekend.

Flowerpot said...

Ak - you should hear him actually singing - or perhaps not. He doesn't know more than two lines so it gets a bit repetitive - not that he notices of course.

Thinker - yes, a relief for me too. Hope you've caught up on some sleep and feel better soon.

Lane Mathias said...

Drool at the food... oh to eat at posh restaurants every week (or more!)
Hope Bussie feeling better:))