Wednesday, 29 August 2007


Lying in bed this morning, I listened to early morning sounds and was struck by how many there were. Like most of us, I suspect, I don’t often sit and just Listen. So this is what I heard.

Someone upstairs washing; the creak of water running through the pipes, the splash of water on face. The gurgle of water down the plug, tumbling down and hitting the drain with a sloshy swirl.

A car engine revving up, driving off. A hoot and screech of tyres as it stopped, missing something (I hoped).

The breathy gasps of an early morning orgasm. (A holiday maker upstairs – I know the layout of all the flats along here!)

The rattle of the catflap as Mollie barged back inside, terrified of missing something. The patter of paws on carpet as she hurried down the corridor. Silence, then a dignified belch from her breakfast.

Now, there’s just the quiet hum of my computer which is finally WORKING!!!

What can you hear?


Aoj and The Lurchers said...

RIght now I hear my colleague tapping away at his computer, the Keepers laughing and joking in the yard, the odd aeroplane, horses snorting, a police siren, geese in another colleagues garden...and not much else!

Em said...

Right now, I can hear colleagues typing, scrolling their wheelmice and chatting; the rustle of a sandwich wrapper; traffic passing by outside; general movement around the building; my computer humming and buzzing. Maybe I should've waited 'til I got home to answer this? :)

laurie said...

ah, those dignified belches!

i can hear the baby next door crying. she was born on mother's day, and it's fun to watch her grow.

i can hear cars whisking past on their way to work. (oh, those busy, employed cars) and the honk of a city truck that just about smashed into a car that ran a stop sign.

i can hear a train chugging past along the tracks two blocks away; the metal wheels screech against the metal tracks.

i can hear the breeze rustling the leaves in the silver maple tree.

nice exercise!

Unknown said...

I can hear the wind through the trees and the kids playing in the next garden:-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

the rotten correspondent said...

I can hear blessed silence as the children have been delivered to school.

I can hear a dog snoring as it sleeps, belly up, on my bed.

I can hear car traffic from a block away.

I can hear my air conditioner kick on to combat 100 degree heat.

this is fun...

Lesley Rigby said...

I can hear a Yorkshire terrier yapping next door.
A wood pigeon cooing and the sound of my computer humming. By normal standards that is noisy! The faint sound of an aeroplane overhead for a few seconds.

Daniele said...

I can hear my desk fan, loud and clear, blowing nice cooling wind my way. I can hear my colleagues typing and talking.
Sadly, that's all I hear right now, at work.
When I get up however, I hear birds, and lots of them, every single day. I love it, they are so loud they almost wake me up. My street is quite green with lots of trees and big gardens. I feed the birds so they thank me with their song (at least that's how I see it).

Chris Stovell said...

Oh, it's nice to find you - I saw you on Liz's blog and we 'know' each other from romna!

Flowerpot said...

what a wonderful collection of noises!

Too many to mention individually but all make me wonder where you are and what room you're sitting in.

Liz and Chris H - good to meet you and hope you stop by again. I will contact you both direct re the novel race...

Chris Stovell said...

'Flowerpot' I am indeed in the race - although more hobbling along on crutches after everyone else yelling 'Wait for me!'.

To cut long story short - finished book in Jan, sent it to HJ who sent it to an agent who, in July, first said no and then suggested changes so I'm sweating over a rewrite (erlack! that doesn't sound nice - will try to do it quietly if I'm ever one of your guests... and other things!!).

Mopsa said...

I can hear my eyelids droop in anticipation of a snooze; my stomach rumble in readiness for supper; the computer fan whirr in desperation for the stillness of the off button. I must satisfy all three.

Anonymous said...

I like this exercise!

Peace has descended on the household now that Tilly has succumbed to the lure of sleep. What can I hear? The gentle and reassuring babble of Radio 4 from the kitchen. A deep exhalation from Tilly as she rests her muscles, weary from the day, and the sudden departure of a woodpigeon from the woods at the back of the house, roused from its slumber by a bullying owl.

Flowerpot said...

Mopsa - another lovely collection! Hope you managed to satisfy your needs quickly!

Graham - nothing like the happy sigh of a tired dog! (Meaning peace for a minute)

Lane Mathias said...

Hi Flowerepot
Just spotted you on the NR. Hi:))
Good luck with the book.
Adore Mollie...she's a black and white version of my Peggy (pic on the blog somewhere)
Lane x

Akelamalu said...

Well until I turned it off a second ago I could hear the strains of the 'Neighbours' theme tune.

Now all I can hear is a slight breeze. We live in a cul-de-sac where the children who live across the street hurtle down the slight incline on their little bikes. However it's quiet today they must have gone out!

Flowerpot said...

Lane - good to meet you and thanks for the welcome. I need a leg up to get going on this next novel.

Ak - I've really enjoyed reading everyone's noises - I get a picture of what everyone's doing and where they are.

Kerrio said...

The water feature burbling.... Cleo & Boots snuffling and sighing in their sleep, the wind in the trees.

And that white good what was a gift from the gods...the dishwasher.

For once KuBrin is not snoring and the very annoying pigeon is not cooing down the chimney.