Saturday, 25 August 2007


No, no news but we’re trying to be positive. Perhaps he is lying smugly on someone’s bed, being fed tuna on a silver spoon. (In which case, why not come home?) Perhaps he couldn’t wriggle away because of his bad leg. Perhaps he’s locked in someone’s garage. You can go mad speculating, so I try not to.

At least some decent weather helps; Bussie will be warm and dry, wherever he is. As Breadbox said, it’s the not knowing that’s so frustrating. You can’t do anything if you don’t know what’s happened, can’t move forwards. I can only hope that my Bussie is safe, and that he’ll come home soon. Whoever can tell what a cat’s thinking?

But thank you so much for all your support. Not just from people I ‘know’, but from those I have never met before. When I read Lesley’s second comment just now I felt blessed that so many people have taken the trouble to say they care. It means more than I can say and brings back faith that despite what happens, often unaccountably, there is a brighter side to life.

I’m sorry I’m not able to thank you all owing to a very wobbly Broadband connection. I spent nearly two hours on the phone to some BT fellow whose grasp of the English language wasn’t too good and spoke very quietly, so I kept shouting, ‘SORRY, COULD YOU SPEAK UP?’ down the phone. He failed to solve the problem, but apparently the problems is caused by BT upgrading our Broadband connection. No, it doesn’t make any sense to me, either.

So for the next week I could be having a wobbly Broadband connection which means I may not be able to thank you all personally, and visit your blogs. Bear with me. I will keep you posted – it just takes hours to add a comment on my own blog, let alone anyone else’s.

(While I don’t want to wish my life away, I can’t help thinking I’ll almost be glad when this week’s over.)

On a brighter note, I see from the Western Morning News yesterday that Bilbo, a Newfoundland accompanying his lifeguard owner at Sennen Cove, managed to save a Dutch tourist’s life. Weighing 12 stone, Bilbo tried to stop Lein Snippe from entering the water. When that didn’t work, he swam out so that she could see how hard it was for him to get back.

‘It was incredible,’ said Lein. ‘It was almost like he was talking to me.’

I was hoping to end with a cheerful cat story, but I can’t quite see a cat diving into the surf. On the other hand, I’d never be surprised by a cat’s capabilities. And Bussie, if nothing else is a prima donna. He loves the limelight. So come home soon, Bussie. You’re famous now.


Akelamalu said...

I've still got everything crossed that Bussie will be home soon.

Hope you get the broadband sorted soon - technology don't you just hate it sometimes - but can we live without it????

Lesley Rigby said...

You are going to think Graham has a mad woman for a mother when I suggest this!!! A hired sniffer dog? They might only be trained for finding drugs but it might be worth enquiring. I put in a Google search for sniffer dog hire in Cornwall and companies did come up. He can't have gone far - not with a bad leg because it wouldn't be possible. Have you tried listening very hard instead of calling wherever you search? If I am suggesting things you have already tried I do apologise but I can't stop thinking how awful it must be for you.If Prince had gone under the same circumstances it would have been my worst nightmare.

Rebecca Taunton said...

Oh no, poor Bussie. I'm sure he'll turn up in the end, but you must be so worried.

That's a lovely, heart-warming story about the Newfoundland.

As always, my fingers and toes will all be crossed for Bussie's safe return.


Blossomcottage said...

I have just come across this blog, I do hope that Bussie has by now turned up, I no longer keep cats, but I know what it is like when one goes missing, it is diffiuclt to stop thinking about it. As for BT!!! well they are a law unto themselves, if I could I will go back to fire signals like the Indians ( feather not spot!) and do away with BT altogether, but like everyone else I am dependant upon them.

Flowerpot said...

thanks to you all. have tried to leave individual messages toyouall but BT won't let me. AAAAGH.
Lesley - Am off to ring sniffer dogs now. (I'd in fact been telling Mollie to go and sniff fr his brother yesterday)
Blossom, please call back again. RT, thanks for being such a good friend.
AK - Bt driving me bonkers!

Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

I can confirm that I do indeed have a mad woman for a mother. However, if the sniffer dog idea works - we'll all be delighted for you. I really hope we have some good news soon....

The Rotten Correspondent said...

I have all fingers and toes crossed that he's just found himself somewhere to lay up for a bit. He needs to get himself home. For all of your sakes.

Sorry about the Broadband, but please don't worry about commenting to us. We know you have other things on your plate right now!

laurie said...

dear flowerpot,

here's what you do. get a good picture of bussie, print it on a big sheet of paper and write LOST in huge letters above.

then your phone number. i read a newspaper piece about a guy in new york who makes a living finding lost pets, and he said that's the kind of poster people respond to: big picture that shows the cat or dog clearly, and LOST in huge letters. and then your phone number and email.

bussie will come home. if he's not already home, hiding in the garage.

good luck!!

Miss Understood said...

I was SO hoping that there would be some good news today. Keep trying, FP...take all of this good advice, and we'll all keep everything crossed for you, ok?

Sending you some more hugs, just for good measure. x