Saturday, 4 August 2007

The Helford


First of all, welcome to blogland to Himself (finally up and running!) and This Painting Life – a very talented painter friend of mine - see links on RHS.

The above picture was taken the other afternoon when Himself came with me (and Moll, of course) on a A Long Walk (for Himself) – an hour and a half’s steep walk through woods down to a secluded (dog friendly) beach, then along the coast to Mawnan Church and back along the road.

It was a good afternoon of eavesdropping as the path seemed to be littered with elderly walkers, the beach with young mums with children and dogs. The best conversation, though, goes to an elderly American whose voice preceded his brand new walking boots on a particularly steep part of cliff.

‘I keep tripping over my feet,’ said the disembodied voice rounding the corner. ‘And I mean, literally. My feet have – kinda – a mind of their own, and I trip right over them.’

‘Oh dear,’ said his friend who’d just come into view. He had that exhausted, defeated look of wishing he’d never suggested a walk with the loud voiced American and was looking wistfully over the cliffs to see how far down it was to the rocks below…

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Rebecca Taunton said...

A lovely photograph FP. That walk to Mawnan Church has to be one of my favourite areas. If we go for a walk, we often head there because it's so secluded. And it's wonderful to be able to eavesdrop too sometimes!

I can't wait to check out 'himself's' new blog.


Akelamalu said...

That's a great photograph. One can hear some strange conversations when eavesdropping! :)

I'm off to check out 'himself'.

Flowerpot said...

It's lovely, isn't it, RT, though I've never known it so busy.

Ak - thanks for dropping in on himself. He will be very chuffed (ie over inflated ego!!!)

The British Bird. said...

I hope you dont mind me stopping in but I found your site by joyful accident. My mum writes, and has had some success with wining prizes and getting her short stories out there, if you want I will ask her how she did it, and send on some links.. let me know
Cheers :-)
The British Bird.

Flowerpot said...

hello British bird - lovely to meet you and thanks for stopping by - please do so again.
I don't write short stories but many thanks for the offer of help - I write articles (most of which are published, thankfully) - it's cracking the novel market which is so difficult!

EmmaK said...

Lovely photo and hilarious overheard conversation!

Miss Understood said...

The walk sounds wonderful. It was absolutely boiling here yesterday...too hot to go out for most of the day...but a cool sea breeze would have been perfect.

I love eavesdropping!

Flowerpot said...

emmak - glad you enjoyed the picture - there's something about eavesdropping, isn't there?

missu - it was wonderful here on Sat pm but yes, very hot - another long walk adn Moll and I were dropping with heat by the end of it. I inherit eavesdropping genes from my mother..