Saturday, 25 August 2007

A Fleeting Visit

He's back! Found in the next door garden would you believe, drinking from their pond. (Why didnt he come home and have a drink?) He was so thirsty he drank Mollie's entire water bowl, sat in for a while and then departed. We shut him in but reckoned he'd be bursting after a while, and if he wants to go, well, who's to stop a cat?

So at least he's safe and well, back leg apparently fine, not limping. I fear he might have developed a taste for the nomadic life but if he does, at least he knows where we are. We think he might have been shut in one of the holiday lets nearby, which would account for this raging thirst. Mind you, he didnt seem particularly pleased to see us. Why didn't he come home? Has he developed amnesia?

Enough, Flowerpot. I'm off to pour a glass of wine to celebrate the prodigal's return, even if it was only fleeting. If we have a nomadic cat, so be it. Cheers, everyone!


Lesley Rigby said...

What a relief! That is wonderful news. Tell him he has had a lot of people very worried...........Cool as a cucumber by the sound of it.

Flowerpot said...

Infuriating isn't it Lesley? but I guess there's cats for you. And by the way, I don't think you're mad. We evidently think along teh same wave lengths. I will report the Story of the Dog Sniffers tomorrow.

THANK YOU EVERYONE! I wouldn't have kept sane without you.

laurie said...


Anonymous said...

What fantastic news! That's one of the things I really like about cats - their absolute indifference.

"So, I went away for the day - your point is?" and, "I'm back now - where's dinner?".

Little b*gger!

Penny Pincher said...

What a relief - I can now sleep soundly tonight.
I used to make my cats use a litter tray - so if had to confine them to the house it was easier. I used to shut them in at night too so tray was handy for mornings I slept in!
They did have free access for a few weeks after my clever male cat learnt how to unlock the lockable cat flap. the first few times I found it unlocked I blamed it on my forgetfulness. But then noticed he watched me lock it - sure enough few hours later it was opened. We had to change it for one that had a panel to slide down in front of the flap. But for the short while they had open access 24 hrs - they used to run round and climb the tree and sit yelling outside our bedroom window to come in!! That's what makes them so much more interesting than dogs.
Your cat may have had an infection - and fever - hence thirst. Hope to hear he soon back to normal routine. Hugs x

Julia Phillips Smith said...

I'm glad I only discovered your cat was missing. I already know the happy ending!

Elaine Denning said...

That's great news! I'm so glad he's ok.

Last year, I bumped into my neighbours in a shop and stopped to say hello. They were laden with goodies for their new cat: a bed, a collar, a scrathing post. It was five minutes into the conversation that they actually discovered their 'new' cat was in fact MY cat. Even now, he thinks he lives in about 3 different houses!

the rotten correspondent said...

YAHOO!! I am so happy he's come back. And relieved, as I can finally uncross my arms, legs and eyes. Made it hard to drive, you know. Enjoy that wine. You've earned it.

Awards at my place, by the way. Plural.

Mopsa said...

Bet Bussie has found a girlfriend....

Daniele said...

whohey! I'm so glad to see he came back! And apparently unharmed too.
It is true that they are so indifferent to how we feel. When my cat used to stay out all night (and I wasn't used to it) I would sit up and worry and call D and be very upset. Then at 3am he'd come in, have a bite, look at me straight as if to say 'what? I went for a walk, nothing wrong with that, let's go to bed now' and hop onto my bed. But you can't be mad at them can you. At least I couldn't for a minute.

Flowerpot said...

thanks so much for all your comments. I'm a bit emotionally wrung out but really appreciate your support.
good to meet you lady thinker - I can't leave a message on your blog or even visit it yet owing to technie problems here but I will as soon as I can - please call again!
Graham - yes, you wouldnt believe the repertoire of names I have called that cat. But it usually ends with darling. Hopeless.
Julia - thanks.
MissU - cats are incredible arent they? You dont know whether to be insulted or flattered! So he's still spreading his affections far and wide? Typuical cat!
correspondent - I will try ad visit yiour blog but cant guarantee any success, god dammit. bloody BT....
Mopsa - yes, I wondered. But I think not now.
Dee - No, I can't be mad at him either!

Penny Pincher said...

Sorry to cause the confusion re name change - but many thought I was a man - they obviously thinking of Rodin's The Thinker - I changed name when I found n added my Pisces profile Logo.