Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Itching Babies and Elderly confusion

I posted the novel off yesterday and as I left the corner post office my heart lurched with a mixture of panic and fear, as if I’d thrown my precious work as far as I could over the sea, and was watching it twisting and curling, hurtling further and further away from me. But we won’t go there – all I can do is wait now and get on with other writings.

On the subject of my other baby, we took Moll to the vet this morning after a largely sleepless night (me) as she was scratching and itching nearly all night. So I’m a bit grainy eyed and weary this morning. I’ve been taking her twice weekly to the vet to get her more used to it out of surgery hours, and she was a bit better but still got into a panic which upsets me no end. Which in turn won’t help her. Anyway, the vet thinks it might be fleas (though there’s no sign of fleas) or dermatitis, so she’s had her next lot of Stronghold.

For other pet owners, there’s a really bad infestation of fleas this year, so if your animals are itching, get some flea stuff and spray the whole house (I’ve just done that and am sitting with the windows open to try and ventilate the place).

But back to other matters. We took our elderly friend for coffee on Saturday again. Having had ten days in the new residential home, he looked surprisingly well; his eyes were clear and his face was more relaxed and he seemed in much better spirits than he has done for a long time. Though he doesn’t like the other people –says they’re not friendly. And the only other man is nearly blind and can’t speak. Not ideal for someone who likes a good natter.

While we were out, James said, ‘You know, I’m a founder member of –’ and then stopped as the necessary word had evidently flown the coop. ‘Founder member,’ he said, looking puzzled. Where had that word gone?

‘A club?’ I said.

‘Yes!’ he brightened. ‘You know – women – and racing.’

I looked at Himself. He looked at me. Women’s Formula One, I wondered? Women’s athletics?

‘You know,’ James said, evidently frustrated. And he mimed rowing.

‘Oh, gigs!’ we cried.

Yes – he was one of the former members of the Flushing/Mylor Gig Rowing Club. Phew.

As we left the building he took me to one side and pointed proudly to Himself. ‘I just want you to know that this man is a - a –’ and once again that sodding word would not come. ‘A success,’ he said, as if he knew it wasn't the right word but hoped it would do.

‘I know,’ I said. I got the gist, and was extremely proud to be married to – whatever he was.


Daniele said...

Oohh.. poor Moll. I hope they can find out what she has. Doesn't sound like fleas, as they go everywhere and you WOULD see them on the animal as well as in your house. Poor thing. It's awful when they are sick.

Flowerpot said...

Thanks Dee. She hasn't itched at all so far since we came home so let's hope the Stronghold is doing the trick. She loves swimming thuogh and can't swim for 2 days having had this stuff! Yes, horrible when they're sick. You feel so helpless.

Cornish Dreamer said...

Fingerscrossed the Stronghold will do the job; poor Molls for itching, and poor you for being kept awake!

Glad to hear that your friend is doing a little better at the home. It's nice that he has friends like you to take him out.


Elaine Denning said...

I hope Moll feels better soon.

Having just spent a few weeks wth Tim as he deteriorated, I know only to well the hmour to be found in illness, whatever it may be. Bless him, and bless you for being such a good friend. x

laurie said...

good luck on the novel! who did you post it to--a publisher, or an agent? (and i'm curious about all your near-misses of the past....)

and your poor pup. fleas. we've been down that road before. we now give the boys monthly pills that stave off fleas and heartworm. they love them; apparently they taste like beef. (i've never eaten one myself.)

and re your elderly friend: doesn't it seem that the nouns are the first to go? when my dad was dying of brain cancer, he started losing his nouns a couple of months after his first surgery.

because he was an educated man (an english professor) he could quickly substitute other words, so as to cover up. i remember one time he was trying to eat a meal and his right hand wasn't working very well. he said:

"i seem unable to control my---" and then he lost the word "hand." he sat there for a bit, and then he said, "i seem unable to control my appendage."


the rotten correspondent said...

Do they think she could have mites? I realized when I left the post about my dog giving me mange that what I really meant was mites. I'm losing my words too. But the itching was so bad I (honest to god) carried a loofah around with me to scratch with. And the poor dog was just miserable. Just a thought...

Flowerpot said...

RT - yes I hope it will do the job - but no improvement yet. Yes, we're glad James seems to be doing well. He's such a darling.

thanks for that, MissU. Very touching.

Laurie - good to meet yuo and please pass this way again! I sent the novel to a critique agency I belong to for their verdict before I send it to agents.
Regards the dog - well, it doesnt appear to be fleas because we cant see any, and I give her Stronghold regularly anyway. It's a mystery so far. Lovely story about your father - this friend is also very educated but he has lapses, as your dad did. He knows what he wants to say but it abandons him at the last minute. As you say, very bittersweet.

Flowerpot said...

correspondent - the vet didnt know what it was but at least the Stronghold can eliminate fleas and perhaps mites. We've just come back from a walk and she's still itching poor darling so I'm getting desperate.

Akelamalu said...

Hope Moll's itching stops soon.

It's great that you and your friend can still have a laugh about those elusive words. :)

Flowerpot said...

Ak - yes, I hope her itching stops soon. We both need some sleep! We're seeing James again on Sat for I hope some more laughs. Thank God he's got a sense of humour!

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

flowerpot, does Moll ever have problems with her anal glands? I only ask because if they do not evacuate themselves, the build up of fluid in them gets into their system and can result in some serious itching. It happened to Lurcher No.1 some years ago and once the vet emptied the glands, the itching stopped. Something to consider anyway.

Em said...

Will keep everything crossed for the novel - it's a road I'm determined to go down myself so it's fascinating reading about your experiences. And I'll keep everything crossed for your Mollie too. We've had the same problems with the fleas this year, they just keep coming back... and now one of my cats has managed to get a nasty cold too... when will it end?

Flowerpot said...

aol and lurchers - yes, she had her glands done last week so it isn't that, but thanks for thinking of it.

Em - good to see you and glad to meet another novel writer. Not sure if Moll has fleas - certainly no sign of them - and thankfully the itching is a lot better today. So far!

Poetess said...

Hope your novel is received well and is succesful.