Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Three Beautiful Things (and stuff)

The Thinker posted today about counting our blessings, or 3 Beautiful Things. So here are some of mine, to get us in a good mood on a beautiful sunny morning.

1. The view from my living room window. We look out on Flushing, a small village on the opposite side of the Fal river, which gets the sun all afternoon and evening (when there is any of course.) To the right of Flushing is Kiln Beach, then Trefusis Head, perfect for dog walkers. In front of that is the river, studded with yachts on moorings, the tiny ferry that goes from Flushing to Falmouth, carrying children to school. Today there’s a northerly wind ruffling the waves, splashing the sea gulls perched on visiting yachts. Further in the distance, round to the right, is the headland to the left of St Mawes, more dog walking heaven of green fields and trees with not a cafĂ© in sight. To the far right of that is Falmouth Docks, a hive of industry (when all’s well) and a bussle of RFA ships, cruise ships and private yachts.

2. The soft perfume of a ripe nectarine (or peach), the soft yielding flesh as you bite into it, and the sweetness of the juice as it dribbles down your chin. You can tell my favourite fruit.

3. The sheer abandoned joy of Mollie, flying through a field of long grass with her ears flying, or splashing into the sea to swim out and retrieve a stick. Dogs can teach us so much about how to just get on and enjoy life.

On that note, many thanks to you all for your help and comments re Mollie’s itching which, touch wood, is a bit better today. Further and even more thanks to Eurodog for Plan B if it doesn’t clear up.

Tomorrow I am back working as a Port Rep – a fancy title for checking people in to the Van Gogh, a cruise ship that provides cheap(ish) cruises out of Falmouth. It used to be a reliable form of income but like so many companies, they have had to make extreme cutbacks. For work we have to wear a black suit, white shirt and red scarf (the latter items provided by the company). When they brought this rule in several years ago, I couldn't find anything to fit me so ended up getting a 13 year old's school uniform from Asda. Its shiny blackness sets me apart, I like to think, though perhaps not in the way that was intended.

But I digress. First part of check-in takes place in the Maritime Museum, for passengers arriving by coach. This lot have frequently travelled from as far as Scotland and are cranky and stiff when they arrive. The second part, for those arriving by car, takes place in a marquee down at the docks which will be cold and windy, as ever.

You’d think that people going on holiday would be cheerful, but it’s amazing how many are grumpy as hell. Still, it provides good copy - some great one liners.

Now, what are your Three Beautiful Things?


laurie said...

grumpy as hell on holiday--you gotta love that.

three beautiful things:

our back porch. it's screened in to keep out the bugs, has a wide ledge around the inside for drinks and candles, and it looks out on my asiatic lilies (now done for the season), tomatoes, and raspberries. we sit out there every evening and decompress after work.

the dogs. what can i say? they bring me endless amusement and joy.

our good health. we are lucky. not all our friends are so lucky.

Winchester whisperer said...

Orange blossom, driving over the Golden Gate bridge, wind in my hair, on a glorious day and enjoying a cup of tea in front of a log fire after coming back home on a winter's afternoon

Flowerpot said...

Laurie - I'd love to see your back porch. Sounds great. Dogs are just so wonderful. An d health - yes, of course. Vital.

Flowerpot said...

Whisperer - welcome and hope to see you again. Thanks for your three things. Orange blossom has to be a must.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

my three beautiful things -

thunderstorms. the wilder and windier the better. as long as trees don't fall.

my children. all three of them. i just love them to bits. most of the time.

the ocean. i miss it all the time and with all my heart.

Flowerpot said...

correspondent - I love thunderstorms too and I don't think I could live away from the sea now - it's in my blood.

David Marc Napier Bate said...

Hello, and thanks for reading my blog and leaving a message.

I enjoyed reading your most recent post; I learnt something about Cornwall I didn't know.

My three beautiful things are easy: my wife, my three-and-a-half year-old daughter and the cat we haven't yet got but I simply must have in my life!

Keep writing, and loving life, living and Cornwall.

julia said...

Here are three very beautiful things in my life:

This may sound a bit odd, but the ease of my dad's passing last March and the fact that he was surrounded by all of his loved ones as he moved from this world into the next is almost the most awesome and beautiful experience I've ever had.

My brave and funny and loving husband (and don't forget cute!)

My sweet dog Xena, who is laying under my chair as I write.

Loved hearing about your beautiful things and your job at the Maritime Museum.

Flowerpot said...

david - thanks for dropping by and for your 3 things. Please pass this way again!

Flowerpot said...

|Julia - GOOD to hear yours as well. Thankfully I dont work at the maritime museum - we just use their facilities for an hour or so, disrupting the entire museum, then leave! The job that used to be very regular is now only 3 times a year. So it's back to the writing!

Em said...

Would never have been able to fit it all in a comment, so I've risen to your challenge on my blog instead (my one, not the dog one!) To be honest it was difficult narrowing it down to just three...

Good to know that Mollie's itching is getting better - so's Mollie's!! :D

All the best


kinglear said...

The Tuscany hills, the smell of a baby after its bath,the love of a good dog.

Rebecca Taunton said...

Friends and family (counted as one); the summer sun; and peanut butter.

I hope your tourists weren't so bad today and that you've been enjoying the sunshine,


Akelamalu said...

It sounds just beautfiul where you live.

My three beautiful things:

1. My two boys.
2. My five grandchildren. I know that's five!
3. Waking up every morning next to MWM, with another day to enjoy the sun on my skin and the smell of my garden.

debio said...

Super to catch up on Cornwall - shame the tourists don't appreciate it! Have just left the UK but didn't make it as far west as your part of the world...

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Blogged mine too!