Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Another meme

I’ve been memed by Lady Thinker –

To list one word, fact or titbit that is relevant to your life for each letter of your name.

When you are tagged you need to write your own post with the above

Then choose one person for each letter for you to tag.

Let them know so they can continue the meme if they wish.

So – here we go, though I have so many names it’s difficult to choose which one to use. I’ll go for what Himself, and most of my friends call me.

P is for painful. Life can be, at times, but then without the bad bits you don’t enjoy the good bits. And life would be boring if it was all plain sailing, wouldn’t it?

O is for out of this world. This morning the sea is calm, another cruise ship came gliding into the harbour under an early morning golden sun, and the dew on the grass was cold and magical underfoot. Summer may be late this year but it seems twice as good.

P (another P?!) is for purpose. If life doesn’t have a purpose then I tend to drift round in circles. I’m not saying I’m driven, but I need to know where I’m going. I’ve just finished reading Boy In the World by Niall Williams which is about just this – finding out what he wants; what his place is in this world. A touching, thought provoking book.

I’m bending the rules here, as I think Penny did, or perhaps I’m just too thick to work out what she did. Anyway, I’m passing it on to 5 people who are:

Cornish Dreamer
Three Dog Blog
Crystal Jigsaw
The rotten correspondent
Mollie’s Blog

Please feel free to join in or not!



Lovely to meet you, Flowerpot - I see we share a lot: a West Country location, writing (or trying to, in my case), characterful pets (that cat of yours looks huuuuuuge) and a completely rational hatred of all things Nigella. Enjoyed your writing and looking forward to hearing more.

Penny Pincher said...

Flower that was quick work to be sure. I enoyed it - thanks for taking it on.

Lane Mathias said...

I love the cruise ship image:))

Flowerpot said...

littlebrowndog - yes we have a lot in common! My cat isn't quite so huge now after he went missing and developed feline anorexia but he's a lot better now and eating again. A slimline version of his former self. Will add you to my links and look forward to more of your writing, too!

Flowerpot said...

lady thinker - well I only just noticed your comment on the previous blog so I'm pretty slow really!

lane - yes, we've got a lot of cruise ships in at the moment and they do look very majestic coming into harbour. Especially on a day like today - long may this weather continue. I feel we've earned it.

Penny Pincher said...

No flower - I only added the comment early this morning - i couldn't get back online last night - you entry was on almost before the starting pistol had cooled.

the rotten correspondent said...

Sometimes I get my ocean fix just reading your blog.

Stay tuned for the meme...

laurie said...

thanks for the mememememe! i'll do it this weekend.

now i must read yours...

Flowerpot said...

lady thinker - I must be going bonkers.

corresopndent - I will look forward to reading your latest.

laurie - and yours too!