Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Liver and wedding presents

Thanks to the website that Dee sent me, I learned a lot about feline anorexia last night. So we went off to get some liver. I have to say I didn’t think he’d eat any, but as we got home my neighbour leaned out of her top window.

‘Flowerpot! Michelle’s just been giving Bussie some biscuits and he’s eaten them!’ she cried. You can see the whole street’s in on Bussie’s eating problem.

I thanked her profusely, grabbed Bussie who’d come to greet me, and brought him into the kitchen while Himself chopped the liver into little morsels.

‘Not too much,’ I said, putting a tiny offering onto Bussie’s plate. We watched while he sniffed at it – gulped (oh no) and then – tucked in! In silence we watched as he ate the first lot, then devoured more – and a bit more. We couldn’t speak, stared at each other, hardly daring to believe what we saw.

He didn’t hang around to say, ‘thanks you two,’ or ‘hey, that was scrummy,’ but gave his paws a cursory lick and was out the catflap before you could say What?

He did reappear a few hours later, tucked into another dish of liver and departed, just as quickly. Well, I guess that’s cats for you. If I wasn’t so weak with relief, I might feel quite insulted.

He’s also eaten another dish of liver this morning, so for the first time in two weeks, I’m feeling cat worry free. It’s quite a strange feeling. I can begin to think again.

The other cheering news was that the girls came over with a wedding package, as we hadn’t been able to make the reception.

They arrived with several bags of Cornish cheese, some home made scones, two pieces of wedding cake and a wedding posy which is sitting on our chest of drawers. I was more touched than I can say, but they regaled us with stories of the photographer who got them to pose in strange angles for photographs (??!!) (He was Very Attractive, I thought, with tight muscular buttocks. But we won’t go there.)

There was also the guest who managed to get stuck in the toilet at the reception. She was, by all accounts, Massive and very drunk. And hysterical. Not a good combination. They finally managed to extract her, and she stood for a while, swaying, before crashing to the ground in a perfectly straight line, just like in a film, to land on her nose.

RT was terrified that she would have broken her nose and there’d be a pool of blood seeping onto her mother’s carpet. But the guest muttered a drunken ‘oh,’ before passing out – by some fluke she hadn’t broken anything.

‘Tell you what,’ said ET. ‘I’m very glad I don’t have to see her at work for another couple of weeks. I don’t know what I’d say.’

I grinned. ‘Been to any good weddings lately?’

And I leave you with this quote courtesy of my dear sister in law, walking buddy and cat consultant, Shelagh. Unfortunately she lives in Vermont so we don't see each other nearly as much as we'd like (well, as I would like) but at least we can keep in touch via cyberspace.

"It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three
unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either of them." -Mark Twain, author and humorist (1835-1910)


Em said...

So glad Bussie's on the mend! Must be such a relief... I'm not surprised at the lack of gratitude though, after all we are here to serve them, you know!!

Lane said...

Am rooting for Bussie.
Hurrah for liver:))

Flowerpot said...

Em - yes we are mere servants after all!

Lane - thanks for your support!

Dee said...


BreadBox said...

Flowerpot: That really is wonderful news about Bussie: and I am guessing that the liver not only tastes good to a little kittie palate, it is also excellent nutritionally....

Thanks so much too for the (extra) wedding information! I'm looking forward to reading RT's blog about it when they get back:-) but for now you have been a wonderful surrogate!

Kerrio said...

Good news about Bussie.

Maybe I should try Maddie with liver.

*shudder* I've done cooked liver treats for the hounds and it stinks out the hosue!

Flowerpot said...

dee - thanks and thanks for the website information - brilliant!

breadbox - glad to be of service! RT isn't back in blog world for about 10 days so I'm afraid you'll have to wait for the proper version!

kerrio - I can't stand liver personally but at least it wasn't cooked - that stinks the place out!

laurie said...

flowerpot! i think the title of this posting should be "tight muscular buttocks!" imagine the readership you'd get--your numbes would soar throgh the roof.

hooray for dee and that website. liver! who would have thought it? i'll tell you right now if i ever lose my appetite, the prospect of liver will only keep it away.

i ws going to suggest dark chocolate and wine for bussie, but i'm glad liver did the trick. very very glad.

you sound more light-hearted in this post than you have in many days.

Flowerpot said...

thanks Laurie - and yes, TMB would be a winner, I'm sure! Personally I'd go for wine (though can't eat chocolate) - think liver's vile, but there you go. No accounting for some tastes. Yes, I am SO relieved!

debio said...

Such good news. So pleased. Used to feed my dogs liver - not a great experience when it reaches the other end!

Love the TMB...

The Rotten Correspondent said...

I knew liver had to exist for some reason. Yay! So happy he's back on his feed. Perhaps he's just been testing you all along?? Sigh.

That wedding reception sounds very lively. I don't suppose you have the photographer's card...

Flowerpot said...

debio - no, but at least with a cat I dont tend to see the other end!

correspondent - funnily enough I was thinking the same thing about the photographer's card. I can get it from the girls and spread the word, so to speak...

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Sorry to hear about your lovely cat. But very happy he seems to be much better.

What an hilarious image of a locked up woman at the wedding reception. I wonder how she felt the next day.

Crystal xx

Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

I'm so pleased that Bussie's eating again!

julia said...

I always manage to pop in for good news with your animals. Yay! Very funny story about the drunk wedding guest.

Miss Understood said...

I've just been reading this weeks archives and it seems poor old Bussie has had you in a bit of a state, hasn't he? Who'd have thought a cat could suffer with anorexia? I'm so glad the liver seems to be working...I'll keep my fingers crossed that he gets better every sngle day.

Flowerpot said...

crystal - thanks for your good wishes and yes, I wish I'd seen the drunken Large One!

G - so am I!, boy am I!

Julia - thanks for dropping by. I will call in tonight when I get back from cruise ship-ing.

MissU - yes, I'm way too fond of the old bugger!