Thursday, 6 September 2007

Back to normal?

A short post today as I’m off working on the Van Gogh (cruise ship) in a minute.

Bussie deigns to join us on infrequent occasions to tuck into liver served on a china dish, but departs before I can indulge in anything slushy like Conversation or Stroking. He is back to his role as Supreme Cat – not to be disturbed. We are, after all, merely servants.

Life back to normal, then.

Himself has finally decided to sell one of his cornets and the trumpet on ebay. I thought that the instruments would continue to gather dust in the Flowerpot museum forever, purely because he can’t bear to sell them. But nothing like a few bills coming in to force the issue.

He’s asked a friend of mine to sell them for him as she has an ebay account and has acted as agent for him before.

‘I was going to set up an ebay account,’ he told her. ‘But then I thought, why? I won’t sell anything else. And it would mean setting up a Penpal account as well.’

‘Penpal?’ she said, giggling.

You can understand why he’s never been able to sell anything on ebay.

He was busy sending her an email this morning, but to the wrong address, so I told her the new one.

‘….,’ he said, typing (with two fingers) as he spoke. ‘I wonder if she has hot knickers?’

Yes, definitely life back to normal.


Kerrio said...

"penpal".... *snort*

Dee said...

I told you we've got much in common! Yesterday I had to order something on ebay for D, because he won't shop online. He has a 'penpal' account though, and buys from random people from his forum, but ebay.. oh no. Going through the hassle of setting up an account an search for things.. why would you do that if you have an adoring girlfriend who does it all for you.
Glad Bussie is better!!!!

Flowerpot said...

Kerrio - yes, that got me too!

Dee - what is it with men and ebay - or Penpal for that matter? But yes, if someone else will do it for you - why not? Sigh..

Crystal Jigsaw said...

It's amazing what goes through a man's mind!

Crystal xx

laurie said...

penpal? funny. i have a friend who works for paypal. i'm gonna tell him this.

have fun on the ship!

Em said...

"penpal"... fnar fnar... Excellent...

Glad your lord and master is feeling better. Mine says "pass the liver, we don't get liver; why don't we get liver?!". Or, as he would somewhat more succinctly put it:
"brrrrr - eck!".

ChrisH said...

I've just enjoyed reading the blogs I've missed this week - feel for you with your friend who looks good crying - damn it!
Might have to fight Bussie for the liver (bleurch!) - have been told that the cure for frozen shoulder is more protein.

I meant to say - do you remember our romna 'conversation' about the Cadburys chocolate competition at school? Sometimes I wonder if I peaked then!

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Wouldn't you just love to read the ad he'd write for ebay? Too funny!

Lesley Rigby said...

Brilliant news to know that Bussie is Captain of the ship again! What a great advertisement for the biscuit company making the biscuits he first tucked into. Please can we have a photograph of him enjoying his liver?

julia said...

Why can't I have a hotknickers email account...?

Flowerpot said...

crystal - I know, they never change do they?

laurie - yes the weather was lovely so al the passengers were ina good mood for once!

Em - perhaps he should set upa penpal account - am sure it'd sell like hot cakes!

chrish - yes do remember the 'conversation' about Cadbury's competitions. As you've got an agent for your book, you can't have peaked then!

correspondent - I dread to think what he'd write as an ad for ebay - cringe!

lesley - will try to get a picture of him enjoying his liver bt he visits only fleetingly these days...

julia - yes hotknickers email account sounds great. we could all do with one of those!

Miss Understood said...

I have just bought a penis pepper plant on ebay, using penpal.

Just sayin'!


Lane said...

Glad to hear things have settled down:))

The Van Gogh cruise ship? Sounds exotic..!

Akelamalu said...

LOl 'penpal' Himself is a hoot!

Glad Bussie is better. :)

Flowerpot said...

MissU - this opens up a whole new world of selling. A sort of dodgy equivalent of Ann summers...

lane - yes it sounds exotic. You should see the actual ship....!

Ak - thanks for that.

Vermont Designs said...

FP - having a little trouble with new Google Account, hopefully solved now. love, VT SIL.

Flowerpot said...

Shelagh - welcome!!