Saturday, 28 July 2007

Awards and Families

Another Rocking Blogger award, from Mother at Large. My! Many thanks indeed, and you have cheered my weekend no end. I received notice of this award yesterday afternoon when I was almost stuck to my chair having been in a meeting all morning then been editing current novel for another two hours. I had to have a much deserved break to unstick myself, stretch my too long back and go and walk that scruffy canine of ours.

Any work I was trying to do yesterday was, of course, punctuated by various cries of, ‘POP!’ from next door.
Then, ‘Pop. Help!’
A few minutes later, in quavery voice. ‘Pop? Are you busy?’

Yes, he’s still working on his blog. And no, there are still no words to read. But I’ve put a link in so you can at least look at his Personal Profile which, though I say it myself, is quite impressive. A man of many abilities, as well as talents. He’s now drawing a cartoon of an ostrich which he is adopting as his - mascot? Emblem? Very suitable considering what it does with its head.

We are off to meet up with one of my errant brothers in a minute. Errant because they live in Surrey and don’t come down this way often. In fact, I haven’t seen my nephews and nieces for nearly 2 ½ years, as the last two times they’ve been down they’ve been too busy. They're staying in North Cornwall so we're meeting in Crantock where there's a pub with plenty of room to sit outside with the dogs (hah - if it ever stops raining) and a beautiful beach called Polly Joke that we will walk the dogs on later. They have a Staffy called Whizz and a pug called Pug, I think, but not having met him I'm not sure.

We will be confronted with teenage strangers and shan’t know what they look like, let alone what to talk to them about. I am compiling a list of what my mother assures me are joint interests – Musicals, Sailing, Books for the girls. Blogs? Doubt it. Sailing for the nephew. God knows what else. But it will be lovely to see them again, and the dogs will have a good time. It'll be a day of discovery.

And while I’m contemplating Family Matters, yesterday we received a book token in the post from my mother. Remember that nursing we did when she came out of hospital? Inside the token she wrote, ‘with many thanks for such wonderful care’.

Isn’t it nice to be appreciated?


Akelamalu said...

Just had a peek at 'Himself's blog - impressive profile and he says nice things about you, which is the most important thing!

There's really a beach called Polly Joke? I want to see it, please take a picture!

Hope the rain stops for your rendezvous - it's sunny here in Lancashire.

Flowerpot said...

Yes, the beach is actually called Porth Joke - Polly Joke for short - and we would have taken a picture but it was very overcast and grizzly (thuogh it didn't rain) so we didn't. I'll try and find one for you! It's chucking it down again now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Flowerpot, found you via @themill. I do hope you have enjoyed your 'family' get together. I always think it's so nice to have family around. I hope all went well and you all got on. Oh and I hope the rain stopped off long enough for a walk along Polly Joke. I hope a lot.

Crystal Jigsaw x

Flowerpot said...

good to meet you Crystal - please drop by again! Yes, we had a wonderful time together and a long long walk. The kids are lovely so am feeling very bereft now and wish we lived nearer!

Akelamalu said...

Nice to hear your get together went well. Hope you can find a picture of Polly Joke.